In today's fast-growing economy, more and more people are faced with communicating across languages.Timekettle is a company that provides professional real-time translation earbuds dedicated to providing people with higher quality/deeper communication. Here, we will share some tips and tricks, culture, and more.
Timekettle App V3.0.4 Now Available!
We are excited to announce the release of the latest version of Timekettle App, V3.0.4.
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Download Latest Timekettle App V3.0
Timekettle App V3.0 is available now for both iOS and Android users. This update introduces a new app design and is recommended for all users. Hopefully, it will be able to provide you all with seamless operations and a developed user experience.
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Timekettle Chat Mode: Instant Message Translated in Max 40 Languages, Max 200 people in Group
Timekettle Team rolled out the Beta version of Chat Mode in May 2022 for both iOS and Android users, supports 40 languages and max 200 users can get bilingual subtitles with the instant message with Timekettle APP V2.2.12 for Android or V2.2.0 for iOS.
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Timekettle LiveTranslator for PC: Bilingual Subtitles for Online Meetings
Timekettle Team rolled out the LiveTranslator function in April 2022 for PC/laptop, supports 20 languages and users can get bilingual subtitles for online meetings, presentions, and live streams.
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Timekettle New Cross-Species Translator Supports Klingon and Dog&Cat Translation
The Timekettle team has launched cross-species language translation through its self-developed translation engine on April 1st, 2022. It is now possible to chat with aliens from the Klingon Empire, as well as with your pets via Woof or Meow.
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AI English Teachers on Timekettle APP V2.1.12
he Timekettle team has rolled out the beta version of the new language learning feature named AI English Teachers in March 2022, it allows non-English speakers to practice their spoken English with the Timekettle M2 Translator Earbuds on both Android and iOS devices.
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Timekettle WT2 Edge Translator Earbuds Review: It Will Get You to Where You're Going but Not Much Else
If you travel frequently or are an international student, this is an excellent tool to help you understand the people around you, even if you don't speak their language. 
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Group Chat Update on Timekettle APP V2.2.2
New features are coming in Timekettle APP V2.2.2
1. Group Chat update: adding friends, instant translation, and extending group of max 200 people. (Android only)
2. Optimize and update the noise reduction algorithm.
3. WT2 Plus, WT2 Edge added Listen Mode.
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