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WT2 Plus: A wireless translation earbuds inspired by Babel fish. The entire product is designed to allow users to communicate more comfortably from the design concept to the product landing. Its two-way simultaneous interpretation function enables users to be in another language environment without affecting the communication due to the handheld translation equipment, for the ultimate translation function, WT2 Plus is not designed to listen to music and make calls. "All for translation, for translation everything", the more specific functional design allows WT2 to have the best communication experience, so if you need to have a long-term in-depth communication in certain scenarios, please choose WT2 Plus.

 * WT2 Plus has an offline translation function


M2: A wireless translation earbuds designed for travel. On the basis of supporting translation functions, you can also listen to music and make phone calls. With it, you don’t need to worry about being unable to consult or chat with others when traveling abroad, except for good Translation function, it can also listen to music and make phone calls, you can relax and enjoy your time alone, so if you want to travel abroad, please choose M2

*M2 is divided into online and offline versions. The online version can only be translated online, and the offline version supports online and offline translation.


ZERO: The smallest translator in the world, you only need to plug it into your mobile phone to enable the mobile phone to automatically realize the voice translation function, so if you want a "plug and play" translation function, please choose ZERO


WT2 Edge: The fully upgraded WT2 Plus has better noise reduction functions, which can greatly improve the accuracy and speed of translation. At present, WT2 Edge is still in the pre-sale stage. We will officially release it in October. If you participate in WT2 Edge Pre-sale, you will get the latest generation translation Earbuds in October at a price of 25% off