2-way Simultaneous Interpretation

Highly-Recommended Scenarios for WT2 Edge

Bi-Directioanl Translation
Multi-Person Meeting
Remote Group Chatting
3 Smarts Modes
40 Language & 93 Accents
0.5-3s Low Latency
Up to 95% Accuracy
12-Hour Battery
8-Packs Languages Offline

Highly-Recommended Scenarios for M3/T1 Mini


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Deep and long communications with friends or business partners

Short conversations abroad and entertainment functions

Usage Scenarios

Daily work, Travel, Multilingual families/friends

Expat life, Travel, Music playing and phone calling, Multilingual families/friends, Lectures

How many persons can use earbuds at the same time?



Simultaneous Two-way Interpretation

Simultaneous One-way Interpretation

(up to 6 persons)

What Our Customers Are Saying

Based on 342 reviews
Invaluable for medical visits

My French is mediocre and ok to get by on a daily basis but I love and always use my Timekettle for visits to my doctor, physiotherapist and other medical personnel where it is necessary that both sides of the conversation can be fully understood. Odd occasional mistranslation of a medical term but that usually makes us laugh and easily rectified. Much better than other translation apps.

Sehr einfach zu bedienen


Work fantastic

So far so good!

So far these work exactly as advertised! I'm going to Romania next month, so that will be the big test ;) - thanks!

Great device

I recommend this device so far.

Very Happy

Wow this device works almost perfectly every time. Really very happy with the purchase. Only thing it has trouble with is if people's names are used in sentences. Other than that works perfectly and so quickly.

Un muy buen producto

Los audífonos muy buenos, todavía estoy aprendiendo a usarlos

T1 mimi

Looks great, compact and simple to use. Can’t wait to use it in Thailand next month

M3 earbuds

Appears fantastic, however, proof will be when I go on holiday. Impressed so far.

not bad

But the earpieces are better. I would order from this vendor again, everything arrived in good condition.

Excellent product, thank you.

Already tried, I liked it a lot.

fantastic device

the translation is excellent and fast.

M3 earbuds

Impressed so far however will see how good they are when I go on holiday to give an honest opinion

Excellent translator

This translator is great, easy to carry and easy to use. Only one disappointment, As Australia has lots of immigrants the language of Philippines definitely needs to be added. Hopefully this can happen soon.

What a fun and usuful gadget!

My husband and I watched YT's "Retired Working For You" and saw this translator. Boy, did we get excited! We visit our son in France often but understand German (which makes French learning difficult) Now that we have this handy translator we don't feel afraid to interact with the natives. Another benefit is using it to check my spoken German to be sure I'm understandable when I speak or to figure out a word or phrase I'm unsure of. I also love listening to music in the Hindi language and now I can use this so that I can sing along and understand - how fun!!
They sent a free Zero that plugs into your phone but haven't tried that yet.
Overall happy with our purchase!

T1 mini

Great piece of kit my wife is Thai,it translates perfectly.

Not perfect but worth the purchase

Better than expected.

The earbuds are great and work as described at first I had my doubts but I tried the listening mode and it works great voice and text translation ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.

Almost good

It's a good enough translator,let down by the absence of a swipe touch to reverse the translation direction,which all apps have.

Fluentalk T1 Mini - NO offline English to Thai

Many area's throughout the undulated mountains of Thailand there is very little to no signal, this device would be a real winner if the offline English - Thai was supported as the vast majority of foreign visitors to Thailand speak English and those that go on to retire and live in Thailand end up living in the Provence's where there is little mobile coverage

Great Product!

I'm impressed! This product are awesome and solve my communication issues with my friend.


I really liked my purchase.

First impressions

Good quality. Fast translation. I love the gsm connection. But the true test will begin next week, in Portugal and in France.


Excellent solution and amazing customer service

Works great...as long as have internet access.

Very excellent translation. Problem comes when translating between English and Thai, but have no wifi access. No offline is available for that, curiously enough. But overall, works very well.