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2-way Simultaneous Interpretation

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Communication is connection.

WT2 Edge

2-way Simultaneous Interpretation

Edge enables seamless and real-time translation for efficient communication. It's perfect for lengthy and detailed conversations where every word counts. There is no more need to pause after every sentence, as you can now enjoy a natural and fluent conversation experience that is unmatched by any other interpretation technology available.


Communication is connection!

It's never just a translation, it's all about relationship and connection.

Timekettle's WT2 real-time translation earpieces enable ordinary conversation across language barriers.
Clear and Easy Multi-Lingual Conversations With the M3 Translator Earbuds From Timekettle.
Best Translating Earbuds for Foreign Languages in 2023.
Get Real-Time Translation With Timekettle’s M3 Translator Earbuds.
Hear we go: understand anyone with these tremendous translating earbuds.

Fluentalk T1 Handheld Translator

The Fluentalk T1 translation device is a remarkable creation from Timekettle that showcases our latest translation technology capable of online, offline, and image translation. Whether you're on the go or staying put, the T1 is your reliable partner for precise and effective communication with others. With T1, you're never lost for words and always stay connected.

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Camera Photo Translation

T1 combines a top-notch OCR offline translation engine with an 8-megapixel rear camera for immediate image translation in 39 languages. Simply snap a photo and voila!

One-click Translation

A perfect ice-breaker for a quick conversation. Double-click the power-on button to activate the fluent conversation mode.

Memo Voice Memo

With advanced voice recognition technology, T1 can instantly convert your speech into text and automatically save it on your phone.

What Online Reviewers Say
@Cyrus Janssen
Product: WT2 Edge
As the pioneer of AI translator earbuds, Timekettle has transformed the world of cross-language communication since its existence in 2016. HybridComm™ is what makes Timekettle competitive on the market. It subverts the shackles of conventional translation products such as translation apps and hand-held AI translators by adopting an entirely different technical structure to advance our product in speech processing, simultaneous interpretation, and AI translation.
@Chai Travel
Product: T1 Mini
It's always good to learn a few words from the countries you travel to but, I can truly say that the Fluentalk T1 Mini is a perfect addition to your suitcase/backpack on your next trip to South East Asia. Order now.
@The Yarbros
Product: M3
We LOVE engaging with people, finding hidden treasures and eating great food. We do it all in this little adventure. If you are interested in Timekettle's M3 Earbuds, get it now.
@Greeny Travels
Product: T1
Fluentalk T1 language translator device makes communicating abroad easy!
@Spain Speaks
Product: WT2 Edge
Timekettle WT2 Edge: the world’s 1st bi-directional simultaneous translation earbuds. This is a great product with many attractive and useful features but at a very competitive price. Compared with many other mainstream brands of translation products, this one is much more cost-effective.
@Thairish Times
Product: M3
In our latest video we had fun playing with a cool product made by Timekettle. This is a translator app that has earbuds that translate in real time. We test out how it works with Nune putting me under pressure asking me some serious questions in Thai which are translated into English via the earbuds.
@Jonny There Is Something Happening
Product: T1 Mini
Fluentalk T1 Mini help me a lot.
Product: WT2 Edge
Timekettle WT2 real-time translation. No membership, no e-sim, buy it once and it will work forever.
@20 Seconds in Thailand
Product: M3
A THAILAND DATING GAME CHANGER Timekettle M3 Translator Earbuds
@All About Mi
Product: T1
Fluentalk T1 Handheld Translator Device - No Wifi REQUIRED
@The Yarbros
Product: T1 Mini
Add the Fluentalk T1 Mini, Language translator to your travel bag for all your upcoming international adventures.
@Escape to Thailand
Product: T1
Translate In Real Time, Connect with Like-minded Expats

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