WT2 Plus

AI Translation Earbuds

Adaptive Noise Cancellation

Beamforming and Neural Network algorithm, drastically improve quality of your voice input.

40 languages, 93 accents, and 12 servers

Get you access and connect to 95% of the world population. Support English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, French, and many more

Voice Activity Detection (VAD)

No more "Hi Siri" or "OK Google". Voice pick-up and translation are completely automatic

Over-The-Air and Offline Translation*

Constant updates for more languages and new features. Translation made possible even in No-Internet zone (upated on June 2020)

One to Many - your all-in-one solution

With Multi-channel Communication Technology, WT2 Plus supports cross-language conversation for not only 2 people, but up to 4 with just one single mobile device by uilizing its performance, and expansion capability. 


World’s smallest quad-microphone translator

Recognize and separate voice inputs from 4 different directions. At a diminiutive size, ZERO is barely there. Slip it into a streamlined card case, and you can fit it into pockets, wallets,or purses for maximum accessibility.


Simul Mode - instant translation, unmatched

Drastically speed up conversation efficiency in different languages, no more pauses and breaks in between. This is your freedom of speech.


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