WT2 Edge

The 1st bi-directional simultaneous translation earbuds


Translator Earbuds with Music&phone call features

WT2 Plus

AI Realtime Translator Earbuds


Portable Mini-Translator

Adaptive Noise Cancellation

Beamforming and Neural Network algorithm, drastically improve quality of your voice input.

40 languages, 93 accents, and 12 servers

Get you access and connect to 95% of the world population. Support English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, French, and many more

Voice Activity Detection (VAD)

No more "Hi Siri" or "OK Google". Voice pick-up and translation are completely automatic

Over-The-Air and Offline Translation*

Constant updates for more languages and new features. Translation made possible even in No-Internet zone (upated on June 2020)

One to Many - your all-in-one solution

With Multi-channel Communication Technology, WT2 Plus supports cross-language conversation for not only 2 people, but up to 4 with just one single mobile device by uilizing its performance, and expansion capability. 


World’s smallest quad-microphone translator

Recognize and separate voice inputs from 4 different directions. At a diminiutive size, ZERO is barely there. Slip it into a streamlined card case, and you can fit it into pockets, wallets,or purses for maximum accessibility.


Simul Mode - instant translation, unmatched

Drastically speed up conversation efficiency in different languages, no more pauses and breaks in between. This is your freedom of speech.


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