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Breakdown Barries, Build Up Connection

Participants in meetings can use Timekettle LiveTranslator to communicate remotely in different languages. By selecting the language of the original and translated text, users can converse in their native language, with bilingual subtitles floating synchronously on the computer interface.

20 Languages, Updating More

Currently supporting a combination of Chinese, English, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Turkish, Ukrainian, Thai, Burmese, Khmer, Indonesian, Lao, Nepali, Vietnamese, and Cantonese for two-way translation.

Instant Recognition, Dedicate Translation

The program can pick up sound from speakers, and microphone output, and automatically recognize, transcribe, and translate it. It works seamlessly with meeting software, browsers, remote calls, and local video files.

Recording Fast, Reviewing Easy

Timekettle LiveTranslator automatically saves the original and translated texts during usage, creating bilingual text files on the computer, and significantly saving time on meeting notes.

*Timekettle strictly protects user privacy; translation content is not uploaded to any server and is only saved as files like text on the user's computer, allowing users to edit, delete, and perform other operations.

Experience audio/video transcription

Support for uploading w4a, mp3, mp4, mov and other audio and video files of more than a dozen formats, transcription processing is completed with audio and content track alignment, automatic preservation of srt, txt subtitles to the local secondary processing and finishing.

TurboFast 2.0

Full-flow transcription and translation, while transcribing to the original text, synchronously start local and cloud translation, output translation results word by word in advance, and finally synthesize the whole sentence translation, whereas traditional translation solutions have to wait until the complete transcription of the sentence meaning and then start the translation, we further double the speed of transcription and translation.

UniSmart AI

Based on the Timekettle translation engine and customized cooperation with localized translation engines, the comprehensive conditions match users with the best translation link service. Timekettle has become the company with the largest number of service engines, covering 150+ translation engines and 200+ countries worldwide (95% average translation accuracy).


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