Top 10 Voice Translators for Travelers and Businessmen 2022

1. Timekettle WT2 Plus AI Real-Time Translator Earbuds

Timekettle WT2 Plus AI Real-Time Translator Earbuds

Let’s begin with our top pick, the hands-free WT2 Plus earbuds with a self-charging case. This device takes voice language translation to the next level as it is designed to sync with your phone and share. One earbud is for you and one is for the person you are talking with. It translates over 40 languages, with multiple accents—and counting.

There are 3 modes. Speaking Mode is solo. You ask a quick question, like "do you have soy milk" and your phone dictates. Touch mode can be used solo or as a pair and is best used in busy environments with lots of background noise, such as in the city or on the train. Simual mode is our favorite. It is designed for natural hands-free conversation such as when in a meeting or on a date. Unlike most translators, it empowers you to make eye contact as the earbuds are both the microphone and the speaker. Your phone acts as the speaker when you aren't sharing your earbuds.

Wearable Real-time
Wearable Real-time
Translation Earbuds
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2. PULOMI Two-Way Translator

PULOMI Two-Way Translator

A lightweight and slim two-way translator that slides comfortably in your pocket or wallet. It translates in over 52 languages. A simple single-button design. You push the button and speak and PULOMI will translate for you. It will also send a text to your phone if reading is easier than dictating, or so that you can practice your foreign language later. If the internet speed is slow, dictation will take more than the average of 1 to 2 seconds. Can also be used as a Bluetooth travel speaker to play music or stream TV and movies.

3. OXSII T1 Handheld

OXSII T1 Handheld

This is a mid-sized pocket translator that translates in over 40 languages. Pair with your phone and download its translator app. Then program the 2 buttons, one to hold and dictate your native language. The second to hold and dictate the foreign language. You can also use the app to translate via text.

4. Pocketalk Touchscreen Translator

Pocketalk Touchscreen Translator

This device is one that doesn’t sync to your phone and doesn’t have a solo app. Instead, it operates via its own connection to translate in over 74 languages. It translates everything you say on its touchscreen. You hold the left button and speak to both dictate and type what you said, then you hold the second button to dictate and type what the person you are talking to says. It has quality microphone and speakers and is designed for full conversations. It fits in your pocket but is larger than many translators.

5. Jarvison Language Translator

Jarvison Language Translator

This translator is designed for conversation. It can connect via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and translates many of its languages when offline. A handheld device that is about the size of a smartphone. It has an advanced microphone and a loud speaker so that you can walk, talk, and translate in areas with background noise. Program your languages into the touch screen and use the i-Pod-like buttons to activate translation.

6. Birgus Smart Voice Translator

Birgus Smart Voice Translator

This smart voice translator is similar to the Jarvison above, but you must be connected for it to translate it’s over 70 languages. About the size of your smartphone with a touchscreen to program the languages you want to translate. The microphone is not the most advanced so you need to hold it a bit closer to your face than some translators. It will dictate and type what you say, as well as the recipient’s response. Not the fastest and not the slowest translator and no app download or syncing is required.

7. ASPIRING Instant Voice Translator

ASPIRING Instant Voice Translator

This is one of the smaller touchscreen devices but it’s still a bit larger than the slim models we mentioned in the first few reviews. Unlike most devices, it connects via both Wi-Fi and 4G and you can choose from two different colors—white and grey. It only translates in 45 languages so make sure it has yours. It also has i-Pod-like control features, but both the touch screen and the button controls are a bit sensitive so be sure to practice before using for the first time. That being said you should practice with all new translation devices.

8. Vasco Translator Premium

Vasco Translator Premium

Sync this device with your phone for a variety of mobile translation and travel purposes. Speak or type over 50 languages into your phone and Vasco will type and dictate for you and the person you are speaking with. Snap a photo to translate emails, road signs, menus, and other written text. It also has built-in GPS, offline guidebooks, travel info for popular cities, emergency numbers, flight assistant, and cheap outgoing call capabilities. Multifunctional but not the easiest to use.

9. Franklin TWE-118 European Translator

Franklin TWE-118 European Translator

If you are looking for a budget voice language translation device this may be the right one for you, but it only translates in English, Spanish, French, German, and Italian. It contains over 210,000 built-in translation phrases, arranged by category. It is also an all-around travel tool that comes with a calculator, currency converter, tip calculator, metric converter, world clock, and more. It’s large, about the size of your phone with a large screen and full keyboard. You may find you use this tool as a support device when you dine out or enjoy a few excursions, as it does not dictate your phrases—it only speaks the preprogrammed phrases. Use a more advanced translator for conversations and business. 

10. Brookstone Passport 12 Language Translator

Brookstone Passport 12 Language Translator

This one is an oldie but a goodie and must be mentioned. If you are hiring a translator or your business associate speaks English this device can help get you around town when you are out and about solo. It is handheld and larger than most, but it comes with a long list of pre-programmed travel phrases in over 12 different languages. It also has conversation categories to quickly find what you are searching for and the capacity to save frequent phrases. It speaks and displays phrases and works when you are offline, but it doesn’t dictate what you want to say. This and the above translator can also be helpful in remote areas or when offline.

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