Top 8 Portable Translation Devices for Travelers and Buying Guide 2020
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We all have to travel from time to time, whether it’s for fun or for work. Although we're all trapped home right now because of COVID-19, at some point, we will be free to move about the planet. When we do that, we’re able to take in new sights, sounds, and information about cultures outside our own, helping us to grow as people and professionals.

The only problem is that language can end up a major barrier between ourselves and the vibrant people we meet on our travels. It’s impossible to know dozens of languages personally, which is why technology can step in and provide you with some support.

Today, there are a variety of portable translation devices at your disposal, helping to provide real-time language translation so you know what someone is saying. You no longer need to scratch your head and say: "I don’t understand what you are saying." Now you can see the world and understand it, too.

If you’re wondering with portable language translator device to add to your life, we’re happy to provide you with our list of the 10 best options below:

 Perfect for travelers, digital nomads, and those out on the go for work, it's time to translate the languages around you with seamlessness. Made with a portable design that enables it to fit in your wallet, pocket, or pursuit, the ZERO Portable Mini Translator comes with a receptive microphone system that separates voice inputs from four different directions with effective noise cancelation. The product will record input and play it back out to you in your native language, or directly through your smartphone. Now you can have organic conversations, make eye contact with people, host business meetings, or even go on dates in foreign countries. All of this happens in real-time.

ZERO Portable Mini Translator

  • The CM Smart Instant Language Translator Device

Using powerful AI through Microsoft, the CM Smart Language Translator's technology promotes instant and accurate translations while using the hi-tech cloud processing system. Able to translate up to 42 languages, as well as offering compatibility with iOS 9 or Android 4.4 and above, this product comes with a high-performance battery that can actually last for two-straight-weeks of usage. Enjoy an instant translator that offers two-way translations, all of which occur in real-time.

The CM Smart Instant Language Translator Device

  • TESIYI Mini AI Translator Device

Another device with two-way technology, this translator can work up with up to 106 languages, able to meet all of your language requirements. The device also delivers clear sound and voice, blocking out background noise so it provides accurate translations. Packed with a unique touchscreen and a 2.4-inch colored feature that is sleek and nice to look at, pair it with the mobile app for simple operations you can click on from across the room.

TESIYI Mini AI Translator Device

  • The Language Translator Device with Camera

The Language Translator Device with Camera

Available on Amazon Prime, this language translator device includes the two-way technology translation with up to 106 languages incompatibility. The device includes real-time translation, using 5 million pixels and OCR camera lenses to translate up to 44 languages into a photo result. The device also includes a 2.4-inch color touchscreen that displays translated words into text. With high definition recording technology and a noise-reducing microphone, enjoy seamless translations on the go.
  • Birgus Language Translator Device

Birgus Language Translator Device

Enjoy an advanced two-way translation that is instant and done in real-time. With a high accuracy of up to 98% as well as the ability to translate up to 106 languages, this device also comes with 5 million pixels and an OCR camera. Plus, it has highly advanced AI technology that enables you to speak intelligently for convenient language translations.
  • MORTENTR Smart Voice Translator

Built with a 2.4-inch HD Touch Screen, this translation device can support up to 70 languages, like Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, etc., as well as engage its two-way translation feature. Easy to operate, the device comes with a 12-moth warranty, plus easy-to-reach customer service support. You don’t have to download an app to use this device, either. All you need to do is connect it to WiFi or a Hotspot when you are done. The translator has the ability to work for up to 10-hours and can last for seven days before it needs a battery rebooting.

MORTENTR Smart Voice Translator


  • JOYSAE Language Translator Device

This two-way voice translator can make you feel comfortable and confident as you travel the world. Enjoy highly accurate translations that are clear and easy to hear, no matter where you are. The translator is accepted in up to 28 countries today, from Kenya to Argentina, and comes with a user manual for getting started. Enjoy translation services for up to 83 languages.

 JOYSAE Language Translator Device

  • ili Instant Offline Language Translator Device

You don't need WiFi to make this translator work. Instead, you can enjoy a one-way translation for quick communication anywhere in the world. Bring it to a restaurant or even out shopping. Supporting only three languages at this time, English, Japanese, and Spanish, it’s still noted that many travelers swear by its reliability.

JOYSAE Language Translator Device


Which Portable Language Translator Device is Right for You?

If you’re looking for a device that is portable, able to translate tons of languages, reliable, and packed with a solid battery, then our pick for your purchase is ZERO Portable Mini Translator.

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