The Top 10 Offline Japanese Translators 2020

1. We’re starting with our #1 pick. The Timekettle M2 - the world’s first offline translation device… No cellular networks required.

This incredible device ranks as #1 on our list for numerous reasons. Not only does the Timekettle M2 provide real-time translations, but it has 3 different operating modes including touch mode, lesson mode (for classes), and speaker mode. With a 6-hour battery life (extended to 30 by a portable case) and compatibility with countless devices, this revolutionary technology is a deserving frontrunner on our list.

Timekettle M2

2.The ili Offline Translator, a small and lightweight solution.

On the upper echelons of our list is the ili Offline Translator, a portable way to quickly translate Japanese. With offline capabilities and a .2 second response time, this $199 device is highly recommended for travellers who need a pocket-sized translation solution.

ili Offline Translator

3. The MUAMA Translator is a durable, push to talk solution.

This exciting translator is durable for travel and has a professional look for executives. With the push to talk settings, it enables a smoother flow for business meetings in Japan and beyond.


 MUAMA Translator

4. For basic conversation assistance, consider the PULOMI Smart Translator.

Small, versatile, and compatible with texting applications, this device is an excellent option for travellers who require basic translation needs like ordering food, shopping and navigating.

PULOMI Smart Translator

5. For a sleek look, try the Pocketalk Language Translator Device.

With similar capabilities to other pocket translators, the Pocketalk translator has an aesthetically pleasing look for when style counts.

Pocketalk Language Translator Device

6. The MORTENTR Translator incorporates a camera for picture-perfect Japanese translations.

A rare feature for translators, the MORTENTR translator enables users to take pictures of signs, posters, and menus for convenient photo translation purposes.

MORTENTR Translator

7. For basic functionality and an easy to use interface, the iVOR translator could be right for you.

This device is perfect for individuals who aren’t tech-savvy. With a large screen and easy to use interface, the iVOR translator is a great solution for your Japanese translation needs.


iVOR translator

8. This Koalad Translator is sleek, simple, and affordable.

If you’re looking for a stylish and functional offline Japanese translator, the Koalad Translator is an affordable solution ($160 MSRP on Amazon).

Koalad Translator

9. If battery life matters most, consider the Buoth Portable Translator.

With 8 hours of continuous use, this translator is perfect for individuals who may not have access to a charger. Of note, this translator does not come with a battery extension pack as our #1 pick does.

Buoth Portable Translator

10. The Freesay Voice Translator features a complimentary 12 month warranty.

Perfect for adventurers on rugged terrain, the Freesay Voice Translator incorporates an exceptional 12 month warranty for peace of mind.

Freesay Voice Translator

On our list, there’s truly only one device that has everything - the Timekettle M2. As the world’s first offline translation earbuds, this powerful device embodies the best overall value, versatility, and capability.

We hope you have gained valuable insight from our list, and are looking forward to hearing about which offline Japanese translator you choose for your adventures. If you found this post helpful, be sure to share on social media! Thank you for reading.

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