WT2 Plus kick-off event in Tokyo

On July 31, 2019, Timekettle launched its first kick-off event for the flagship product - WT2 Plus Translator Earbuds in Tokyo, Japan


"From the beginning of Timekettle, we told ourselves to be an innovative company that would invent cutting-edge technology and brings innovative value-added products to the world. Our goal is to let everyone taste the beauty of AI."

- Alex Qin, Co-Founder


The event has drawn the attention of more than 25 media across Japan, including some of the most influential ones such as Engadget, Nikkan, Nikkei, etc.



Kazaf - Marketing Executive of Timekettle, showcased the upgrades and strengths of Timekettle's in-house innovation during the event.


The implemented technologies, algorithms, and features including multi-channel communication technology


Noise cancellation based on the neural network


15 hours of battery life and OTA upgrades for ongoing improvement...


Simul Mode accelerates foreign conversation efficiency by 50%

The shocking part was when Timekettle announced their "Simul Mode", a technology that allows the WT2 Plus to accelerate the conversation efficiency by more than 50%. 

(Click HERE to watch on YouTube)


Offline Translation makes travel free of hassles.

Offline Mode was introduced at last - a feature allowing people to converse languages even without an internet connection on their phones. Perfect consideration for pleasure and business traveling.


Timekettle is onto something very unique - reshaping the in-ear translation experience - dedicated to breaking the language gaps between languages, especially in long and deep conversations that bridge relationships.


The Timekettle Team


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