Translation, Music & Calls

The Ultimate 3-in-1 Device

Timekettle's M3 Translation Earbuds are not just for translation, but also for music and phone calls. Switch functions easily and be ready for anything. The ultimate convenience in one device.


Music Playing


Translate Anywhere


Phone Call

Timekettle M3 Language Translator Earbuds

促銷價$4,742.92 TWD
-- Translation, music & calls in 1
-- Unique design with magnetic charging case
-- 25-hour battery life​
-- Support 40 online & 13 pairs offline languages
Version: Online & Offline Translation
Color: White

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I Can't Believe She Said That! Timekettle Language Translator Earbuds Review
In our latest video we had fun playing with a cool product made by Timekettle. This is a translator app that has earbuds that translate in real time. We test out how it works with Nune putting me under pressure asking me some serious questions in Thai which are translated into English via the earbuds.
@20 Seconds in Thailand
A THAILAND DATING GAME CHANGER Timekettle M3 Translator Earbuds
Timekettle M3 Translator Earbuds, Translator device review, Language Translator, Translate English to Thai.
@The Yarbros
Manta's Delicious Treasures|Timekettle M3 Language Translator Earbuds Review
We LOVE engaging with people, finding hidden treasures and eating great food. We do it all in this little adventure. If you are interested in Timekettle's M3 Earbuds, get it now.

Translation, music & calls in 1

Highly-Recommended Scenarios for M3

M3 translator earbuds is our all-new translator perfectly designed and engineered ergonomically and aesthetically. No more passing a device back and forth. Just speak and translate.

Multilingual Online & Offline Translation

40 Languages and 93 Accents

Support 40 languages with 93 accents, covering most countries and regions while adapting to slight dialect differences across different areas. Communicate efficiently and conveniently in different languages like never before with Timekettle's M3 Translation Earbuds.

40 Languages

Arabic / Bulgarian / Cantonese / Catalan / Chinese / Croatian / Czech / Danish / Dutch / English / Finnish / Fillipino / French / German / Greek / Hebrew / Hindi / Hungarian / Icelandic / Indonesian / Italian /Japanese / Korean /Malay / Norwegian / Polish / Portuguese / Romanian / Russian / Slovak / Slovenian / Spanish / Swedish / Tamil / Telugu / Thai / Turkish / Ukrainian / Urdu / Vietnamese

8-Language Offline Translation Package

M3 can perform offline voice translation in 13 language pairs when wireless networks are unavailable. It can also intelligently switch from online to offline translation when the wireless network is weak.

Three Modes Meets All Your Needs

Explore The World Without Language Barriers


Simultaneous Interpretation for In-depth Conversation

01 Touch Mode

No need to pause between sentences to translate. With our patented simultaneous interpretation technology, M3 can automatically pick up your voice and logically segment your speech into sentences so you always have a fluent conversation.

* The same pair of earbuds is for two people to wear.
* Touch Simultaneous Interpretation: suitable for one-to-one in-depth communication, such as discussion, dating and so on.


One-way Translation of Speeches and Teaching

02 Listen Mode

This mode can recognize, pick up sentences automatically, and translate them into selected languages that plays continuously right in your ear. What's more, the script is automatically saved for your review anytime.

* Place the phone close to the person speaking, and listen to the translation from earbud.
* Listening Mode: suitable for one-way translation scenarios, e.g., lectures, speeches, etc.


Two-way Interpretation for Short Questions and Answers

03 Speaker Mode

In speaker mode, you will need to wear one of the earphones and hold your phone to begin short conversations with anyone for directions or ordering food. You do not need to share the earbud with a stranger.

* Speaker Mode: suitable for one-on-one short communication, such as ordering food, asking for directions, etc.

High Tech Secure Your Experience


Clear Calls Anywhere with Dual Microphone Noise Reduction

M3 Translation Earbuds feature dual microphones that reduce surrounding noise and optimize voice recording with beamforming ENC intelligent algorithm. Enjoy crystal-clear communication anywhere with Timekettle's M3.


Up to 95% Accuracy, 0.5s Delay

Powered by the world's 6 leading translation engines (DeepL, Google, Microsoft, iFlytek, AmiVoive, Hoya) and Timekettle its own, the earbuds deliver faster and more accurate translations in meetings and conversations.


High-precision Active Noise Reduction for Uncompromising Audio Quality

M3 can achieve a maximum depth of 30dB active noise reduction with our high-precision ANC controller, all while keeping the comfort in your ear. So don't compromise on the noise. Hear every detail of the rhythm.


Professional-grade EQ Tuning for Premium Audio Performance

Equipped with Φ10mm diaphragm high-performance speaker tuned by Timekettle acoustic lab, M3 can output four-channel analog stereo sound and support AAC, mSBC high-quality decoding that brings incredible three-frequency sound experience.

Unlocking More Features

Beyond the Communication.

25 Hours

25-hour Battery Life, Longer Than You Need

M3 lasts approximately 7.5 hrs on a single full charge and up to 25 hours with the charging case. So live your day to its fullest.


Improved Stability and Low Latency

With 40nm ULP craftsmanship and a built-in 32-bit high-performance RISC-V chip, the M3 supports Digital Signal Processing and neural network accelerators. In addition, our integrated dual Bluetooth 5.2 offers ultra-distance transmission of more than 10 meters with low latency.