Timekettle M2 Two-way Translation Earbuds

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Version: Online Translation
Color: White

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*Please note that our APP can't work with Samsung A01 and Samsung A13.

Right now, M2 is only available for the European Union.

A great travel companion which can help you communicate with foreign locals freely.

Leading Translation Earbuds with Entertainment Functions

Timekettle M2 Translator Earbuds is a set of innovative translation earbuds that offer Online and Offline Speech Translation, while sounding spectacular playing music and calling. Powered by the AI technology, Timekettle M2 translator delivers an unparalleled translation experience. Integrated with Qualcomm aptX, M2 earbuds offer incredible sound transmission. M2 is a truly accessible device for smashing language barriers, Traveling, Learning, Business or daily use.

Multilingual Online & Offline Translation

Two-way Translation in 40 Languages & 93 Accents

M2 portable language voice translator supports two-way translation in 40 languages + 93 accents by using WiFi or a cellular network. Timekettle M2 collaborates with top AI companies and connects to 14 high-speed servers across the globe. As a result, our service always outperforms other translation apps or hardware out there, allowing you to converse effortlessly wherever you are.

40 Languages

Arabic / Bulgarian / Cantonese / Catalan / Chinese / Croatian / Czech / Danish / Dutch / English / Finnish / Fillipino / French / German / Greek / Hebrew / Hindi / Hungarian / Icelandic / Indonesian / Italian /Japanese / Korean /Malay / Norwegian / Polish / Portuguese / Romanian / Russian / Slovak / Slovenian / Spanish / Swedish / Tamil / Telugu / Thai / Turkish / Ukrainian / Urdu / Vietnamese


Supports Playing Music and Phone Calls

Superior Sound Quality and Clear Call

Not only is M2 a translator device, but it supports playing music and phone calls. Language translator M2 features Qualcomm aptX Audio technology to ensure users get the very most from the music and phone calls. Powered by the Qualcomm Bluetooth 5.0 chip, the portable translator M2 delivers an intelligent, highly-responsive playback, all while delivering a quick and consistent connection to any device. Call and music function do not support translation.

A great travel companion which can help you communicate with foreign locals freely.

All in One Translator with 3 Modes


Feel At Ease Abroad with Speaker Mode

01 Speaker Mode

1 earbud + 1 APP. In this mode, you will need to wear one of the earphones and hold your phone in front of your conversation partner. He or she can then hear the translation aloud or view the translated text.

This mode is useful for quick inquiries like asking for directions or confirming a price. An excellent addition as a travel essential.


Ideal for Long and Deep Communication with Touch Mode

02 Touch Mode

Simply tap your earbud and speak, and then your message will be translated and delivered to everyone listening. When you've finished speaking and ready to listen, just tap the earbud again to let someone else have their say.

This mode is suitable for use in relatively noisy environments.


Your Learning Companion with Listen Mode

03 Listen Mode

Clumsy with a new language in class? In listen mode, you just need to wear the earbuds and put your phone on the table with Timekettle app open, and then sentences translated will be transmitted into your ear.

Unlocking More Features

Beyond the Communication.

30 hours

Ultra Battery Life

Support up to 6 hours of listening and translating per charge, portable charging case extends playtime up to 30 hours. Taking this on-the-go device with you, for up to 7 days of traveling or business trips without charging it again


Secure-Fit Ergonomic Design

M2 translator earbuds snugly sit in your ears by adopting ergonomic design, offering long-lasting comfort and a secure fit for all-day wearing.


Sweatproof Design

With an IPX4 sweat- and water-resistant rating, splashes, and sweat do not stop M2 headphones. Just focus your music, calls, and conversations. Get ready for any adventures.

About M2

A great travel companion which can help you communicate with foreign locals freely.

Continuous Translation Time


Charging Time


Standby Time




Battery Charging

USB Type-C


Via BluetoothAndroid 7.0 / iOS 12.0 and above

Featured In

I would say that I'd have to recommend these as a travel tool for anyone going abroad. The real-time translations did exactly what they claimed to do with great success between two speakers.
All in all these are superb translation earbuds that should be part of your travel kit whenever you go somewhere where you do not speak the local language.
These earbuds can even translate phone calls.
Timekettle: A Real-Time Translation Device That Can Help Intercultural Couples Improve Communication & Forge a Stronger Relationship.

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Deep and long communications with friends or business partners

Short conversations abroad and entertainment functions

Short conversations abroad and entertainment functions

Usage Scenarios

Daily work, Travel, Multilingual families/friends

Expat life, Travel, Music playing and phone calling, Multilingual families/friends, Lectures

Travel, Music playing and phone calling, Multilingual families/friends

How many persons can use earbuds at the same time?




Simultaneous Two-way Interpretation

Simultaneous One-way Interpretation

(up to 6 persons)

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What the advantages of Timekettle translator earbuds compared with translation App and handheld translators?

Translation App and handheld translators are not convenient and user-friendly because you need to pass the device back and forth with the other person who speaks a different language in a conversation.

Timekettle Translator earbuds are designed and developed specially for the purpose of natural and high-efficient conversations in different languages. With our HyperComm™ technology, data has shown that communication efficiency conducted by our Translator Earbuds can increase up to 200%.

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Earlee Corbin (Baltimore, US)

Really good

Andre R.
The accuracy and ease of use.

I originally purchased the timekettle M2 for my travels to Brazil. I'm a beginner in speaking Portuguese and I need reliable and comprehensive way to communicate with the locals. It initially took a few minutes for me to get started using the device, but after I got it working I realized that I made a smart purchase. It's very easy to use and very accurate as far as translating most spoken words. I especially loved that it had a community feature to be able to listen to others, whether it is a customer service speaking on a P.A. or just a group of people talking in a language that I may not understand. I would recommend this product for anyone considering traveling abroad, or simply wanting to learn a new language.

Marcelo Pereyra
Worked as described but the fit was too big and hurt our ears...

Giving it 4 stars because the ear bud is too big and hurts our ears. My wife's ears are small and she usually uses over the ear headphones when in need. I usually use ear buds myself but these even challenged me. It is really too bad because the sound is incredible! Music is crisp and full. The app is easy to setup and use as well. We tried a few phrases and worked like a charm. We did end up returning them though. Thanks

Lisa C. Kordich
No More Language Barriers

The set up is easy, the charging case will only accept the proper ear bud and appears to be controlled with magnets. Magnets also hold the charging case closed. This unit charges with a Type C USB connection and is quick to charge.

The unit can be used with three different modes: (1) Listening mode to touch speaker button and talk, but the back button has to be used to go back to speak the second language. (2) Touch mode allows two different languages to be spoken on the same screen and is great to use for the practice of another language. (3) Speaker mode, which allows for the native language to be spoken into the phone and the foreign language to be vocalized through the phone's speaker or vice versa. This is the best way to communicate with others if you do not want to give the other person one of the ear buds. That is the one I used most when trying to communicate with people in El Salvador. An added perk is that these can double to listen to music. The sound for music is crisp and delightful.

The customer support personnel were responsive to my emails. I have, since the first review I wrote, gave them another chance, not for translation between me and another party but rather to learn the downloaded language. While I have a ways to go to become fluent, I can absolutely see where these will be helpful in this endeavor. There are many different languages to choose from for the language packs or you could use the program through the internet for more language options. The choice is yours to make.

When the devices are purchased they come with 30 fish, which are like money to download offline language packs. The language packs are around $5.00 each so the fish card really helps. While the device does work better with an internet connection the download language packs would be good for language practice in places with sketchy internet. I simply put English as my input language and presto the words I am saying come through the ear buds in the language I am trying to learn, plus I get the option to hit the replay repeatedly to practice my pronunciation. Or, if I want to see if I have mastered the pronunciation I flip the input language and will hear what I said in other language in my native language through the ear buds to determine if I have mastered that word or string of words. This is a great tool for language barriers and or learning other languages

Cons: You must speak slowly and clearly into the microphone on your phone. If you talk too soft the Timekettle app will not pick up your words to translate.

I look forward to newer versions of the same.

Hans tomich
Fantastic customer service

The customer service was amazing. I’m not a young man anymore so this technology is completely new to me. Giovanni, the customer care, assistant, Spent a long time with me, making sure that I got it to work correctly. Much more time and service that I have ever received from any online purchases in the past. He was very patient and helpful and we got it to work perfectly. I’ve been trying it out with one bud in one year and one in the other and so far, it works as advertised. I must grab a local Spanish speaker to see how it works in different environments but as it’s working now is really all I needed to do.