2-way Simultaneous Interpretation

Highly-Recommended Scenarios for WT2 Edge

Bi-Directioanl Translation
Multi-Person Meeting
Remote Group Chatting
3 Smarts Modes
40 Language & 93 Accents
0.5-3s Low Latency
Up to 95% Accuracy
12-Hour Battery
8-Packs Languages Offline

Highly-Recommended Scenarios for M3/T1 Mini


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What Our Customers Are Saying

Based on 476 reviews
These work amazing

Helps me to work a round the wold much easier

Traduttore T1

Grazie per il vostro dispositivo il T1 per adesso devo dire che è Formidabile prodotto perfetto!

Timekettle WT2 Edge/W3 Real-time Translator Earbuds

We love using these for our newcomers! It is so nice for the older students bc they can still get important content information. For the younger students, we love using them to let friends talk to one another!!

Awesome tool.

Thing works, II’m an avid traveler, been to 22 nations in last nine months alone. This machine works, I mean it’s shockingly accurate. Really impressed. Wish there was a way to download languages for offline so when I visit a certain place I don’t need to be online.


Recibo en tiempo estimado y los pude probar muy poco la verdad pero estoy muy conforme con las pruebas q realice … traducción clara y en tiempo simultaneo en una semana los estrenó en Italia en un curso 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻gracias ya les contare la experiencia


There is offline translation and ESIM, which can be used anywhere in the world or on a plane without Internet access. Voice recognition is very accurate.

Language translator buds

Well packaged and work well

Great purchase

One of my clients has a unique Chinese accent/dialect. The WT2 is doing a fabulous job. Thank you.

Works great

It works as described. I recommend. Would like the AI to be offered in other languages.

Superb quality but not had the opportunity to test translation aspect

These earbuds surprised me on the quality and bought the package with an offline fish card. Very limited in offline translation languages so really needs done online. Provisionally tried using some recorded speech for translation and not really as good as expected but this could be more down to my improper use. The sound quality is superb as is the comfort in the ear, modified to my ear size using components included. I hesitate to give a 5 star rating until I try out properly to confirm translation performance.

Great product

I will buy when you have Thai offline.

Easy for me, not easy for aging parents

My elderly mom wanted to get these for my aging dad. She’s originally from Vietnam and when they go to visit, my mom has to act as translator for everyone. We got these and my husband & I were able to use these quite easily for a Spanish-English conversation. In a conversation with my mom, the Vietnamese translation worked for me, but it was a bit complex for my mom to be able to get to function without my specific direction. The conversation of Spanish between me and my father was barely manageable. The conversation between my mom & dad failed multiple times. While the translation itself worked really well, my elderly parents could not make the technology work between them.
I wanted to keep the device but my mom insisted it would not work for them. I think as technology goes, it’s just too complex for the elderly. I do think this is an amazing useful tool for travelers or for refugees. It’s one’s step closer to the Star Trek universal translator & almost like a Douglas Adams babble fish!!! Totally love it!

Come for the translation, stay for everyday great sound!

These are great! I got them to translate for me on my trip to Colombia but after the trip, I use these earbuds as my everyday headphones. The only caution is that it can be a bit difficult to translate in loud areas. Also, make sure to download the offline version of the language you want to use BEFORE traveling so you can still reliably translate in an area without a signal.

Extremely useful when you really need to communicate

I have a need to communicate with others that don't always have the ability to speak the same language. The advent of near real time translation has been taken to a whole new level, just speak and hear the translation. There can be a learning curve with the touch feature of the buds, but once you get past that, they work great. Sometimes the Bluetooth does disconnect easily.

Este traductor cambió mi vida

Dude mucho antes de comprar este traductor que ahora es mi mano derecha en todas mis conversaciones!
Recomiendo altamente sobretodo todo a los adultos como yo que no hablamos bien el Inglés!!

Timekettle M3 Language Translator Earbuds
Monica Magaly Ornelas Gonzalez
Los usé y me encantó

Realmente pude comunicarme del español al árabe, de forma simultánea, esto es muy útil para mi.

An Absolute Must

I bought the fluentalk T1 Mini and after using it I have to say it is amazing. It's so simple to use and so small and very inexpensive. I volunteer my time teaching Japanese people of all ages, English Conversations which I find very rewarding. This device has made my lessons much easier and faster for my students to understand me and for me to understand them. The accuracy of it is surprisingly good as I have yet to find any discrepancies in what it interpreted I said. Since I travel to Japan several times a year, this will definitely be coming with me every time.

Exelent product

Really good product
it work perfectly

Ease of use, handy and so portable

As a hospital chaplain I come across many patients from various backgrounds. Perhaps not fully fluent in English. The device is so handy in this regard. And I lent it to my sister for her holiday to Budapest. Hope she finds it useful too!

Timekettle MT2 Edge Earbuds Translator that boosts confidence

I recently purchased a Timekettle WT2Edge Earbuds Translator. A gadget translator that has been remanded to me by a couple of friends. I became curious about its advanced technology. When I unpacked the box and read the instruction manual, it was brief and easy to follow. The system is friendly and handy to utilize. I tried the four-mode functions with my colleagues and it worked satisfactorily. I become more confident about traveling abroad and mingling with people of different languages and cultures. Timekettle MT2 Edge will be my traveling companion that boosts my confidence.

Love it.

I'm using it to talk to my Thai Builders..
And it works!

Super cool earbuds.


THIS PRODUCT IS WORTH EVERY PENNY, Impressive technology, and high accuracy. I am up to buy more ...

Yusuf Çakan

I was very pleased with the device, l would like to reguest that the Turkish translation be added to the offline program. Thank you.

Invaluable for medical visits

My French is mediocre and ok to get by on a daily basis but I love and always use my Timekettle for visits to my doctor, physiotherapist and other medical personnel where it is necessary that both sides of the conversation can be fully understood. Odd occasional mistranslation of a medical term but that usually makes us laugh and easily rectified. Much better than other translation apps.