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Chillicothe ISD adds portable translators for teachers and students

“It’s helped me as a teacher feel like I actually have a connection to the students that only speak Spanish," Chillicothe elementary English teacher Carrie Palowski said.

Timekettle APP Download Announcement

Timekettle APP Backup Download Announcement

You may notice that the Timekettle APP was removed from the Google Play Store in April and it brings you an inconvenience to download the official Timekettle APP on Android. The Timekettle Team has...

Timekettle WT2 Edge Earbuds

Timekettle WT2 Edge Earbuds Deliver 2-way Cross-Language Communication

Most of you have used a translator tool, but the tool itself can often be a “barrier” to communication, as you have to hold forth or back while talking to others or have to wait for the translation...

Translator Earbuds

เลิกเรียนภาษาได้แล้ว !! หูฟังแปลภาษาแบบ Real-time พัฒนาสำเร็จแล้ว | Timekettle WT2 Edge

If you've ever watched a science fiction movie or TV show, there are definitely aliens. People would want to know how they communicate with each other. If I had to guess at the time, there would be...


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Wie sich mit künstlicher Intelligenz und einem Knopf im Ohr Sprachbarrieren überwinden lassen

99 percent of all companies working on artificial intelligence focus on the interaction between people and machines. The Shenzhen-based startup Timekettle, on the other hand, wants to improve inter...

Culture & TechnologyFish Cards to Offline Language Resources

How To Redeem Your Fish Cards to Offline Language Resources

Timekettle Fish Card is a virtual digital card used to top up your Timekettle account for downloading offline language packages. 

Get the M2 offline

Timekettle Rolled Out The English Offline Speech Translation

The Timekettle Team has rolled out the official version of the full offline translation feature in December 2020, a world-first two-way simultaneous speech translation between seven languages (as 1...

Timekettle WT2 Edge: Translation Earbuds Redefined

Timekettle WT2 Edge: Translation Earbuds Redefined

These powerful AI translation earbuds can provide an entirely hands-free experience, allowing both of you to chime in anytime and enjoy the most natural and fluent conversation while totally forget...

Events & NewsTimekettle All-New Feature: Remote Mode

Timekettle All-New Feature: Remote Mode

Up until today, Timekettle products have reached more than 120 countries and regions around the world, and our number of users is growing rapidly. We are thrilled to see how we receive comments and...

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How Timekettle Helps Intercultural Couples Forge a Stronger Relationship

Timekettle will continue to innovate and design greater tools for you to connect this world.


Why We Invented ZERO by Leal

The story starts here - ZERO combines creativity and innovativeness of what is possible.


The World's smallest smart translator has landed in Japan!

On April 2, ZERO launched its first presence on Makuake in Japan, and achieved the goal in just 18 minutes!

Zero Translators

ZERO Translator ranking Taiwan Top 10 in Highest Funding

Since August 2018, Timekettle visioned a translator that is truly intelligent and accessible to everyone. A device that enables people to explore, communicate, and connect to the far reaches of the...

 WT2 Plus Translator Earbuds

NYT reports the Fantasy of the Babel Fish

“New translation devices are getting closer to replicating the fantasy of the Babel fish, which in the “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” sits in one’s ear and instantly translates any foreign lang...

Our Team Favorites

For too long, handheld translators and apps only focused on the translation itself. The user and the experience were neglected and considered secondary. Timekettle provides tools that allows people of different races and languages to communicate and connect with each other without barriers.