It all Started With the babel fish in the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy...

As a passionate sci-fi fan, founder Tian Li was inspired by the babel fish in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. With a goal of making the most technologically advanced products in sci-fi works the ultimate goal, he decided to tackle the communication problems people face on a daily basis. In 2016, he set out to create earbud-style translation devices, like the babel fish, to revolutionize communication in travel, work, and daily life.

Over the next two years, Tian worked tirelessly to develop a small, sleek, and user-friendly gadget that could break language barrier in real-time. His dedication paid off in 2018 when he was accepted into the Tencent AI Accelerator program, allowing him to bring his vision of easier communication to people all over the world.

Our Core Values

As a leading global brand of AI translator earbuds, Timekettle is committed to uniting people of different languages and cultures by breaking down language barriers with innovative technology.



Ultimate Innovation
Effortless Simplicity
Delightful Sharing



We aims to create a more connected world where individuals can communicate naturally in their mother tongue and cultivate stronger relationships.



Explore language, culture, and technology, innovate technological products and services, and eliminate language barriers of humanity.


Communication is Connection.

It's never just a translation, it's all about relation connection.

Our History



Founded in Shenzhen University Town.


First Product Launched

WT2 Plus, the first-ever earbuds with simultaneous interpretation, broke a Kickstarter record.

WT2 Edge

Running On Track

WT2 Plus in mass production.

Raised angel funding.


Second Product Launch

ZERO Translator was released.

Received CES Innovation Award, IF Design Award, Good Design Award, and Global Design Award.

Named by Entrepreneur Magazine as "one of the incredible startup companies".


First M Series Product Launch

M2 translator earbuds with music and phone call functions was released.

WT2 Edge

W Series Product Update

WT2 Edge, the first 2-way Simultaneous Interpretation Earbuds was released.

M3 T1

M3 was released as an upgrade to M2.T1 Translator Device was released by sub-brand Fluentalk.

T1 Mini Translator Device was released by sub-brand Fluentalk.