Timekettle WT2 Edge: 1st bi-directional simultaneous AI translation earbuds

AI translation earbuds

Dec 01, 2021 (Vehement Media via COMTEX) -- The unstoppable internationalization and globalization times has come to us in this new century, every one of us can easily go out of our own world and see the world outside, we travel worldwide to fell the different cultures, we study abroad to learn advanced knowledge, we make business and built trade cooperation with different partners in different countries to expand our business imperial. However, we can also confront the huge and unprecedented challenges caused by the internationalization and globalization in the meantime, that is multilanguage barriers. Therefore, we need to understand those different cultures and languages and then to express ourselves, we believe something in the world can be common and understood, that is kindness, sincerity, and enthusiasm brought by the language. Fortunately, Al technology comes to us, it helps us to overcome the difficulties resulted by the languages from different countries and accents. Timekettle, a across-language communication startup company, has been all the time dedicating to overcoming the language barrier technology. Recently, it has already raised nearly $1.2 million in fudding for its Timekettle WT2 Edge earbuds and has attracted over 7300 retail investors on Indiegogo. It can bring unprecedented translating revolution to our human beings.

First of all, it has realized nearly simultaneous bi-directional translation function via earbuds. The WT2 Edge earbuds now can translate in real-time and it’s unnecessary to wait for seconds, and it gives out 0.5 to 3 seconds of speed despite you are in conducting office or board meetings with international clients, partners or colleagues. Imaginably, you need spend more if you need a simultaneous interpreter in such circumstance, and you need complete an official procedure to employ an interpreter in a company, which involves the participation of series of staff. But the WT2 Edge earbuds can help you save the procedure and time, improve the effectiveness of working, and it is portable if you need to move somewhere when you are in conference.

Besides, the WT2 Edge  earbuds can translate 40 language and 93 accents. We may have some experiences that we can’t understand the English spoken by the people from different countries or backgrounds, like India, Japan, France, even the persons from UK or USA living in different areas, the main reason is actually because of the accents, hence   WT2 Edge earbuds can solve such kind of problems easily. Furthermore, although English is the officially world-used language, there are still other usually used languages, such as Chinese, French, Russian, Spanish, Arabic, they are also official world-used language regulated by UNESCO, moreover, there are majority of other popular languages in the world, like South Korean, Indian etc.

Timekettle WT2 Edge: 1st bi-directional simultaneous AI translation earbuds

Additionally, WT2 Edge provide you offline translation, that is to say, without internet connection, there are still 8 spoken languages can be translated, and it was equipped with 6 leading translation engines including (DeepL, Google, Microsoft, iFlytek, Ami Voice, and Hoya) along with Timekettle’s own translation engine to provide translations between both languages and accents, it ca be easily translated between Spanish to English, English to Chinese, French to Russian and so on.

More importantly, there are 3 models you can freely select. The “Simul Mode” can make you share with the person you are talking, and each earphone can work as individual translator. The “Speaker Mode” lets you turn your mobile phone into a speaker. Just say what you want into the earpieces and the phone plays it back for the opposite person in the translated language. The phone can also show the text back in both languages, which is useful in noisy places such as pubs and restaurants if you need to rapidly interact with someone but you can’t speak the local language. The third mode is "Touch Mode"?you don’t need to talk over each other in a multi-person meeting. Simply tap your earbud when you have something to say and you’re in control of the conversation. Other mics are muted when it’s your turn to speak, and your message will be translated and delivered to everyone listening. When you5re finished speaking and ready to listen, just tap the earbud again to let someone else have their say. It’s the perfect moderator to your cross-cultural conferences.