Timekettle Chat Mode: Instant Message Translated in Max 40 Languages, Max 200 people in Group

Group Chat Update

Timekettle Team rolled out the Beta version of Chat Mode in May 2022 for both iOS and Android users, supports 40 languages and max 200 users can get bilingual subtitles with the instant message with Timekettle APP V2.2.12 for Android or V2.2.0 for iOS. Currently open for testing, welcome to join the Beta user testing project and provide your precious feedback. >>Join Beta Test

Group Chat

This feature was first released in October 2020, and was introduced to crowdfunding users as a bonus feature of M2 Translator Earbuds Campaign on Indiegogo. The upgraded version was released first in December 2021, with the Android system only. And this year, the iOS system is developed to solve communication barriers for more consumers. Although the Beta version may experience some level of immaturity, and we are absolutely looking to improve it with your feedback and suggestions.

1. Support multi-language translation
Chat Mode currently supports translation in 40 languages. When you select the default language, all other languages will be automatically translated into the selected language in the group, with the original text in another language for reference. If you switch to another language, you only need to re-enter the group to refresh to the new selected language.
Support multi-language translation