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AI English Teachers on Timekettle APP V2.1.12

AI English Teachers on Timekettle APP V2.1.12

The Timekettle team has rolled out the beta version of the new language learning feature named AI English Teachers in March 2022, it allows non-English speakers to practice their spoken English with the Timekettle M2 Translator Earbuds on both Android and iOS devices. 4 topics are available for a free trial. You can now download the latest Timekettle APP version 2.2.8 at Google Play. And the iOS APP V2.1.12 has been released on March 7th, 2022.  APP Download Here

5 Core Software Engines

  • Text-to-Speech Engine: lifelike speech based on real American voices help you with a native accent;
  • Learning Assessment Engine: a fully updated assessment system targets your weaknesses and helps sharpen your speaking skills;
  • Dialogue Engine: internalize complex grammar rules by engaging in realistic dialogue activities – listen, think, and express yourself in a new language;
  •  Adaptive-Learning Engine: personalizing learning content in real-time helps you develop your “English” brain more effortlessly;
  • Knowledge Engine: activate your dormant vocabulary with immersive scenarios based on diverse topics;
5 Core Software Engines

Who Are Our Courses For?

  • Students preparing for English exams, such as the speaking portion of CET4/6, TOEFL, IELTS, the Graduate School Entrance Exam, etc.;
  • Employees struggling for self-improvement, who can read and write but have trouble expressing themselves in meetings and interviews using English;
  • Travelers who often resort to using body language to communicate with locals while abroad;


4 Free Trial Courses

From March 2022, the users with Timekettle M2 Translator Earbuds are available to access the four courses on Timekettle APP. And they're all free! The available topics are as below.

  • What would you like to eat?
  • Let's Take a Vacation
  • Airport Experience
  • Work-life Balance

Go menu > M2 > connect M2 device > AI English Teachers > chat in English

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About LingoChamp
LAIX is a leading “Technology + Education” company. LINGOCHAMP has developed “AI English Teacher” based on deep learning, which provides personalized and adaptive learning paths to help every learner better improve their learning efficiency. 40% of the learners progressed at least to the next higher level of CEFR. And 72% of the learners improved their test scores. Countries include but not limited – China, Japan, Korea, U.S., Mexico, Colombia, Brazil.
About Timekettle
Founded in 2016, Timekettle Technologies is committed to building a global brand of AI translators by integrating cutting-edge technology and innovative design through the combination of artificial intelligence and hardware technology. Since 2017, with our never-ending passion for innovation and optimization of products, we designed WT2 Plus Translator Earbuds, ZERO Translator, M2 Translator & Music Earbuds, and WT2 Edge Translator Earbuds. These products are currently marketed and sold in more than 120 countries and regions under the Timekettle brand. With our intuitive designs, we are the winner of over a dozen international design awards, such as the iF Award, Japan Japan Good Design Award, CES Innovation Award, and Red Dot Design Award. These accomplishments are recognized and reported by over 200 media worldwide.