X1 AI Interpreter Hub
X1 AI Interpreter Hub
$ 12,060.83

End-to-end Solutions, X1 is Infinite

The World's First AI Interpreter Hub

Experience the X1 AI Interpreter Hub empowered by HybridComm 3.0,  its integrated design facilitates to jump into immersive communication swiftly and seamlessly. A pocket-size device comes with mighty functions for multilingual communication, it breaks language barriers and fosters global connections, ideal for international collaboration and communication.

The All-in-One/Integrated AI Interpreter Hub for Multilingual Simultaneous Communication. 

Workflow Complete, Nothing Missed

X1 adapts from one-on-one meetings to multinational conferences, ensuring no detail is overlooked, making global communication effortlessly and enhancing connections.

1 Device for 2 People

One-on-One Mode

One press to share the earbuds, sharing is connecting, hassle-free to start the communication. Embrace authentic, real-time conversations -X1 is not a translation Device, it's true communication in your own language.

Stand-alone Device
Instant Interpreting