Landscape Mode With ZERO Translator

Landscape Mode With ZERO Translator

The Timekettle team has made an important update to the ZERO translation product in November 2021. It upgraded the voice pick-up performance of different angles and added landscape mode with a larger font display. Since 2019, ZERO has been designed to smash language barriers. It drastically outperforms existing handheld translators and apps both in price and in user experience.

Voice Pick-up Performance Enhanced

· Four-array microphone algorithm upgrade, greatly optimizing the user experience of different pickup angles. Effectively reduce the recognition of missing words.

New Feature: Landscape Mode

· Added horizontal screen display, with a larger font of the translation. Easy to read at the meeting or during the journey.

· Based on touch mode. Controllable voice pick-up and more accurate translation. Tap the half screen and speak, then get the translation text in 0.5 seconds or less.

Join us, and explore more product abilities.

The Timekettle sincerely invited all beloved backers with ZERO translators to join the ZERO explore plan and share the user experience with us about the product update.



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