Timekettle for EL Students

Can we really save 90% of teacher's time to translate instructions, make the EL kids understand and answer questions, and improve their overall performance at the same time?

More efficiency and less stress for instructions

Realtime translation for multiple users. Yes, everyone can hear each other at the same time. Now all kids can ask questions and answer freely.

All senarios covered in schools

Some classrooms get loud easily. Workshops can be even louder. Advanced noise cancelation by Timekettle never let the voice be drowned.

Easy record management and output

Teachers spent more time after class to prepard handouts. With the easy to manage record, your work is smart and safe.

Timekettle WT2 Edge/W3 Real-time Translator Earbuds WhiteTimekettle WT2 Edge/W3 Real-time Translator Earbuds
X1 AI Interpreter HubX1 AI Interpreter Hub
X1 AI Interpreter Hub 할인 가격$699.99 부터

Bridging the language gap for students to thrive in the classroom.

School Review Highlight

Enhance classroom confidence by communicating with your students in 40 different languages and 93 assorted accents.

New translation device helps international students in classes and studies

New translation device helps international students in classes and studies - Herriman High School, Utah

"the teacher can have a device in, and you have six kids out there that it’s translating right to their desk, and when they ask questions, the students will give a Spanish answer, and it’ll translate back to the teacher" Todd Quaranberg - Principle

“I do think they’re awesome, and they do help me a lot,” - Rianyelis - EL student from Venezuela


Utilize New Technology to Break Language Barriers

Franklin Township Schools Utilize New Technology to Break Language Barriers - New Jersey

"We knew that it would be very easy for the teacher to have one in her ear and one in the sutdent's ear. And then they could also use the app to read if they don't want to talk."

"It dosen't take away from any instructional time. They are in their actual grade level and instruction, communicating and participating like every other student."

- Jaime Doldan - Supervisor of Curriculum and Instruction - Franklin Township Schools, New Jersey

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Using earpods to communicate with non-English speakers

East Texas school district using earpods to communicate with non-English speakers

"I have to look for tools, I have to look for resources for the sake of the student but also for the sake of the teacher,"
"Suddenly it was like a lightning bolt," Tamez said. "It's like, oh, my goodness, where has this been all of this time?" - Pedro Tamez - ESL services coordinator - Whitehouse ISD - Texas

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Concern about data security?

2-way Simultaneous Interpretation, Engage in Genuine Communication Without Pause

More Secure with HybridComm™ Technology

HybridComm™ is our core technological advantage at Timekettle, which sets us apart from other translation products on the market. Our system is designed to provide cross-language interpretation with a natural and fluent experience, as seen in our real-life user stories. We've gone beyond conventional translation products by using an entirely different technical structure to advance our product in speech processing, simultaneous interpretation, and AI translation.