Industry User Case

Rogers-O'Brien Construction

Communication is paramount in construction. Witness how Rogers-O'Brien Construction, currently renovating UpperRoom Dallas's worship space, elevates their project with the Timekettle Translation Earbuds. These cutting-edge earbuds provide real-time vocal speech translation, seamlessly eradicating language barriers — a true game-changer on the job site! Embracing technological innovation like this fosters efficient collaboration across the multilingual landscape of Texas.

Human Resources and Hiring Department

Werkkracht collaborates with municipalities, companies, and various stakeholders, providing diagnostics, training, and projects to support professional development and integration. In a recent group training session, Timekettle translation earbuds were instrumental.

One participant, with limited Dutch proficiency and a background in farming, taxi driving, and carpentry from Syria, found it challenging to understand the training. The earbuds bridged this gap, translating instructions into Arabic, enabling seamless communication. The trainer responded in Arabic, ensuring clarity. Participants could also follow translations in the app, enhancing their engagement.