Fluentalk ハンドヘルド翻訳デバイス ストラップ

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Make your journey easier:
- Keep your hands and pockets free by using the lanyard to hold your T1 or T1 mini translator device.
- Start translating faster by hanging up your T1 or T1 mini translator device.

How to use the lanyard:
- Insert one end of the lanyard through the hole at the bottom of T1, and pull the other end of the lanyard out from the other side.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Jason (Richmond, CA)
Great product, exactly what I need.

I haven't had chance to use it abroad yet, but the size and usage look perfect for me. I've tried to translate between two languages that I know, the translation is not perfect but good enough for communication with the language that you don't know or you are not good at. Great help when traveling around the world.

Sheila Donovan
Building bridges

I purchased the Fluentalk T1+ M3 package. The T1 is the device I go to most often. It’s more practical and it’s easy to grab and use without setup delay. I like having a device separate from my phone as well. I was surprised how much better it is to use a true and separate translator instead of phone apps. Another added benefit is how quickly you can sh