Timekettle LiveTranslator for PC: Bilingual Subtitles for Online Meetings

Timekettle LiveTranslator for PC: Bilingual Subtitles for Online Meetings

Timekettle Team rolled out the LiveTranslator function in April 2022 for PC/laptop, supports 20 languages and users can get bilingual subtitles for online meetings, presentions, and live streams. Limited Free Trial is open to all Timekettle users. Timekettle will charge for the PC LiveTranslator features in the middle of 2022. >>Download


The company aims to help break down language barriers during video calls and also cross-language online/live videos. In the demo, the TED host spoke Spanish, and the Timekettle LiveTranslator helped translate the words in real-time using subtitles written in both Spanish and English. The technology uses AI-powered algorithms to transcribe what a speaker is saying into text. Timekettle then uses machine translation programs to convert the text into another language. 


2 Key Features

  • Video Translation: One-way subtitles and translation.
  • Online Meetings: Support remote meeting tools such as Zoom/Microsoft Teams/Google Meet etc. and voice/video call tools such as Wechat/Skype/Line etc. This feature requested both sides download the Timekettle LiveTranslator. >>Watch Zoom demo

Online Meeting

 *The quality of your subtitles will greatly depend on the quality of the audio (a poor quality microphone can degrade the result of the transcription and/or translation) and your internet speed.

 20 Supported Languages

20 Supported Languages

English, Spanish, Chinese (Mandarin), Japanese, French, German, Russian, Korean, Indonesian, Thai, Portuguese (Brazil), Italian, and Vietnamese. Newly added seven (7) languages as below: Cantonese, Nepali, Cambodian, Burmese, Ukrainian, Turkish, and Lao language.

You can set one of the 20 languages above as the source text or the target text. Subtitle colors, display, and background transparency are all customized.

Timekettle Translator

Supported Systems

Windows (available from April 2022)

MacOS (available from September 27 2022) Download

 (Video tutorial about LiveTranslator basic set-up)

FAQs about LiveTranslator

1. What is the main function of Timekettle LiveTranslator?

    Timekettle LiveTranslator recognizes the voice of the computer system or the sound of the microphone online. After translating the recognition result, the original translation can be displayed in the subtitle box in real-time, and the real-time translated content will be saved in your subtitle export record. It can be used to make meeting records and organize study notes in scenarios such as conferences and online class learning.


    2. How to better use the live translation function?

      If you choose a speaker for recording, it will recognize the sound of computer audio and video, and if you choose a microphone, it will recognize the sound of your speech; so the sound quality is very important. If the sound quality is not good and the background sound is noisy, the voice recognition will also be affected. effect; higher sound quality is recommended.


      3. What system does Timekettle LiveTranslator support?

        Both windows and macOS system, for PC end only.