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Your ideal business meetings and training language tool

Timekettle provide you with real time multi-people multi-language solutions. Now everyone's voice is being heard.

Good at both daily conversation and professional terms

This product is hands-free. Wearing it allows doctors to communicate with patients in various countries smoothly, making our service experience better. No more stress in business meeting.

No subscription and addional fees

24/7 standby Interpreter. Connecting more audio devices and screen. Records only saved on local devices and easy to manage.

The Ultimate Solution for Multilingual Communication

We offer a convenient solution for business professionals to communicate effectively with clients and colleagues who speak different languages. They improve efficiency and productivity, while also reducing miscommunication and risks. Moreover, these earbuds eliminate the need for third-party translations, which can prevent privacy breaches and minimize additional expenses.

Timekettle WT2 Edge/W3 Real-time Translator Earbuds WhiteTimekettleWT2Edgeリアルタイムトランスレーター

WT2 Edge

セール価格£237.47 GBP から

- 5 minutes or longer conversations
- App based Bluetooth earbuds
- Multiuser accessible (up to 6)
- For most indoor meeting, training and workshops

X1 AI 通訳ハブX1 AI 通訳ハブ


セール価格£554.11 GBP から

- App-free Standalone Translator Earbuds
- Mode: Group Meeting Translation, One-on-one Simul Translation, Voice Call Translation, Ask & Go like Handheld Translator
- Multi-Way Interpretation: Support up to 5 Languages for 20 People

Fluentalk T1 Handheld Translator DeviceFluentalk T1 ハンドヘルド翻訳デバイス


セール価格£237.47 GBP

- Short conversations
- Standalone device with screen
- 2 users face-to-face
- For front desk and outdoor use

New translation device helps international students in classes and studies - Herriman High School, Utah

Education Case

"the teacher can have a device in, and you have six kids out there that it’s translating right to their desk, and when they ask questions, the students will give a Spanish answer, and it’ll translate back to the teacher" Todd Quaranberg - Principle

“I do think they’re awesome, and they do help me a lot,” - Rianyelis - EL student from Venezuela


Rogers-O'Brien Construction

Business Case

Communication is critical in construction. These earbuds translate vocal speech in real-time, helping to eliminate language barriers – a game-changer on the job site!

Embracing technological innovation like this allows us to work more efficiently across a multilingual Texas.


Market Share Globally for Translator Earbuds


Accumulated over 300,000 users worldwide

1 Billion

Product translates over 1 Billion characters per month


Distributed in over 170 countries and regions worldwide

The device that translates languages instantly. It's based on a device from THE HITCHHIKER'S GUIDE TO THE GALAXY. That's really impressive because it translates long words properly.
Timekettle is ambitious with what it's trying to do here - that's worth applauding in itself.
Letting you converse with strangers in dozens of languages, Timekettle's WT2 earbuds ensure you're never lost for words whtn travelling abroad.
Timekettle's WT2 real-time translation earpieces enable ordinary conversation across language barriers