Timekettle APP Backup Download Announcement

Timekettle APP Download Announcement

Hi Timekettle Friends,

You may notice that the Timekettle APP was removed from the Google Play Store in April and it brings you an inconvenience to download the official Timekettle APP on Android. The Timekettle Team has fixed this urgent issue and update the third-party SDKs as Google Play's policy requested on April 23rd. Now, the "Timekettle" app is available to download from Google Play.

Here are the backup solutions to download the Timekettle APK under the official authorization. Please note that the APK is vertified by the Timekettle team and the application is the same as the one to be submitted for review, please feel free to download it.

  1. Click HERE and get the Timekettle APK for Android.
  2. Scan the QR Code to download the Timekettle APK for Android.
  3. If you can't access the APK via 1 or 2, please try the backup link via the Google Drive.

*A warning may pop up once you click via the Google Drive, please click the Download anyway button.


According to the new policy of Google Play, we have recently made some changes to our privacy conditions & terms and also encrypted the data transmission according to Google Play in order to provide better and safer translation experiences for our users. Due to Covid-19, the Google review team takes a longer time than usual for the new APP audition. Timekettle will continuously provide the most natural & immersive translation experience for our users like always.



WT2 Plus APP was also removed as the SDKs policy update request. Please click HERE for the latest official APK for Android.

For iOS users, Timekettle APP is enable on Apple APP Store, please search Timekettle on APP Store.



Timekettle Team