It's never just a translation, it's all about relation connection.

Customer Stories

Revolutionizing Communication and Fostering Intimacy

Interracial Families

Timekettle's translator earbuds have revolutionized communication for interracial families, by effortlessly breaking down language barriers and fostering deeper intimacy in their relationships. Our cutting-edge simultaneous interpretation feature delivers a truly immersive experience, enabling users to connect and engage with their partners in real-time.


WT2 Edge Enhances Communication Efficiency for Cross-cultural Couples

John, a retiree from the USA in his sixties, married his Chinese wife despite the language barriers. Communication is essential to them, but using Google Translate on mobile devices was a hassle. His wife discovered Timekettle WT2 Edge translator earbuds on WeChat, a Chinese social app and convinced John to buy them during a promotion. John was ready to refund them if the earbuds didn't meet his expectations. To their surprise, the earbuds became a necessity in their daily lives. They used the earbuds for daily conversations, jokes, and even arguments. Communication became as effortless as their love, achieving astonishing communication efficiency compared to using a mobile app. John also used them while traveling to communicate with service staff in foreign countries.

Timekettle Supports Retired Navy Member's Immigration Plan to Asia

Keith is a retired US Navy member who loves living abroad and is fascinated by Asian culture. After retirement, he even planned to immigrate to an Asian country. He has been searching for communication devices to help him communicate with locals, especially since he met a Japanese woman online. He is a fan of Timekettle's voice translation devices and has purchased various models, including Edge for cross-border dating communication and T1 for short and fast communication with strangers during his travels. He enjoys immersing himself in Asian culture and cuisine, frequently visiting Asian supermarkets and using his devices to communicate with elderly Asian immigrants who speak limited English. These smart devices have made it easier for Keith to assimilate into Asian culture and social circles, boosting his confidence in his future immigration plans.

The Ultimate Solution for Multilingual Business Communication

Business and Enterprises

Timekettle translator earbuds offer a convenient solution for business professionals to communicate effectively with clients and colleagues who speak different languages. They improve efficiency and productivity, while also reducing miscommunicatio