X1 AI Interpreter Hub
X1 AI Interpreter Hub

End-to-end Solutions, X1 is Infinite

The World's First AI Interpreter Hub

Experience the X1 AI Interpreter Hub empowered by HybridComm 3.0,  its integrated design facilitates to jump into immersive communication swiftly and seamlessly. A pocket-size device comes with mighty functions for multilingual communication, it breaks language barriers and fosters global connections, ideal for international collaboration and communication.

The All-in-One/Integrated AI Interpreter Hub for Multilingual Simultaneous Communication. 

Workflow Complete, Nothing Missed

X1 adapts from one-on-one meetings to multinational conferences, ensuring no detail is overlooked, making global communication effortlessly and enhancing connections.

1 Device for 2 People

One-on-One Mode

One press to share the earbuds, sharing is connecting, hassle-free to start the communication. Embrace authentic, real-time conversations -X1 is not a translation Device, it's true communication in your own language.

Stand-alone Device
Instant Interpreting
1 VS 1 Private Talk

2 Devices for 2 People

Remote Voice Call or Meeting

Through the X1, two devices can achieve remote voice calls and meetings and real-time interpretation makes remote communication more convenient. The global connectivity feature of the X1 ensures seamless cross-regional communication with others.

First Translation Device for Calling
Remote Interpreting
Natural Voice with Translation

1 Device for 1 Person

Listen & Play Mode

Simply wear the earbuds, and you can overhear translations during meetings, speeches, or any occasion, enjoying the convenience of audio and video translation that perfectly aligns with your personal translation needs.

Observer of the Conversation
Dual Pickup for Main Unit and the Earbuds
Quick Interaction

1 Device for 2 People

Ask & Go Mode

The portability and bidirectional interpretation of the X1 allow you to easily engage in 1-on-1 translated conversations with others. Just take out the earbuds, and seamless two-way communication is at your fingertips, enabling you to understand and express yourself effortlessly in any setting.

Work as Handheld Translator
One Quick Press to Translate
Small Talks Anywhere Anytime

3-20 Devices 3-20 People

Multi-Person, Online or Offline

In multi-person, multi-directional simultaneous interpretation meetings, the X1 offers the flexibility for 3 to 20 people to configure freely. Simply tap to automatically network the devices. Participants can freely use local devices and cloud resources, achieving seamless simultaneous interpretation in multiple languages and directions.

One Touch Connect

Auto-pair Through the Charging Hub

Join Via Meeting Code

40 Languages & 93 Accents

Expanding Your Communication Horizons

40 Languages

Arabic / Bulgarian / Cantonese / Catalan / Chinese / Croatian / Czech / Danish / Dutch / English / Finnish / Filipino / French / German / Greek / Hebrew / Hindi / Hungarian / Icelandic / Indonesian / Italian /Japanese / Korean /Malay / Norwegian / Polish / Portuguese / Romanian / Russian / Slovak / Slovenian / Spanish / Swedish / Tamil / Telugu / Thai / Turkish / Ukrainian / Urdu / Vietnamese

Turbocharging the Translation Realm

Full-Streaming Translation

TurboFast revolutionizes the entire process of language recognition, machine translation, and speech synthesis, transitioning from single-line to parallel processing. As X1 recognizes and translates word by word, providing faster results than traditional solutions that wait for the entire sentence's meaning. Full-streaming translation doubles X1's speed.

Bidirectional Simultaneous Translation, Elevating Speed in Real-Time

TurboFast 3.0 Full-Streaming Simultaneous Translation Technology

As the first standalone translation terminal, X1's hardware enhances TurboFast technology. Bidirectional simultaneous translation is now 60% faster, making communication smoother. The communication process of simultaneous speaking and synchronized translation becomes even smoother and faster.

Stand-alone Host, Enjoy Ultimate Experience

Elevate your communication experience with X1's stand-alone host, ensuring superior and uninterrupted connections for seamless conversations and effortless understanding.

On-Demand Interpreter

X1 is your dedicated translator who's available 24/7 to meet your translation needs without the hassle of scheduling or inconveniencing others.

Faster Activation Than 99% Globally

Simply put on the earphones, X1 automatically connects, eliminating the lengthy setup and preparation process.

Their Voice, Your Language

Following the principle of minimal user effort, X1 requires no additional steps. Wear the earbuds and start talking, others can hear their language in their earphones.

Boost Efficiency with Transcription

X1 automatically records bilingual translation content and supports one-click export of bilingual text, significantly saving time on meeting documentation.

Instant Access, By Your Side

Instant access, no extra steps. Ditch the apps and devices—X1 includes everything you need in one complete package for effortless communication.

Tiny Form, Mighty Impact

Turn it on, and wear the earbuds, your invisible translation assistance is online! Building communication without notice, elevates the cross-language communication to the next level.

Your Words, Your Call.

More than a transfer hub, but is a dedicated recorder. But no worries, your conversations stay confidential, thanks to its integrated design. Erase all data with a single click and no one will ever know.

Triple-layered Privacy Protection

The X1 Simultaneous Interpreter employs bank-grade data encryption and transmission technology to prevent the theft of conversation data packets. Translation data is exclusively stored locally, with no backups on any servers, ensuring the protection of user business secrets and privacy.

Transmission Protection

Mitigates the risk of conversation data interception during local and cloud transmission, preventing unauthorized use for data labeling or illicit AI training.


Shields conversation data from being monitored by mobile phones, apps, and other products to prevent the unauthorized collection of private information for targeted advertising.

Privacy Confidential

Guards against third-party access to conversation information to prevent the disclosure of sensitive content or confidential company data.

Optimal Solutions in the Cloud

UniSmart Al Translation Cloud Engine

Leveraging Timekettle's proprietary translation engine and custom collaborations with localized translation engines, UniSmart Al provides a tailored translation service that best matches user conditions. Timekettle has emerged as the company with the most service engines globally, covering 150+ translation engines in 200+ countries and regions.

End-to-End Cloud Translation Solution Generating Long-Term OTA Devices

X1 standalone terminal, combined with Timekettle's translation cloud UniSmart, forms a closed loop for regular OTA-free upgrades, ensuring ongoing growth in functionality for a more valuable and user-friendly experience.

Natural Communication, Via Hybridcomm 3.0 Tech

Timekettle's patented HybridComm 3.0 Tech transforms connections, effortlessly breaking language barriers for a global community where conversations flow naturally.

X OS Translation Operating System

Self-developed to enhance hardware performance and enable expanded possibilities in future translation software.

12nm process CPU

Computer-level high-performance quad-core central for smooth processing unit and multi-thread processing to handle translation needs.

3G+32G Memory

Large-capacity storage space for stable operation while providing ample space for offline translation packages and user-specific data.

3.4-inch High-definition Screen

Delicate touch operation and interactive display for better experience.

Multi-mic Noise Reduce Array

Embedded VNC and dual earphone four-microphone noise reduction algorithms, significantly reduce crosstalk effects.

Dual-band WIFI

Supports WiFi dual association (2.4G, 5G), optimizing your connection for enhanced network reconfigurability and heightened stability.

5mins Fast Charging

The host charges rapidly at 5V/2A, fully charging in just 120 minutes. The earphones support 3C fast charging, 5mins charging for 120mins usage.

5-unit Entire Set

Allowing 5 devices for simultaneous charging and instant networking, well-suited for companies engaged in long-term multilingual communication.

Featured In

At CES 2024, the company launched its Timekettle X1 Interpreter Hub, which takes translation to the next level by handling several languages at once for multiple people in a room.
Announced today at CES 2024, the X1 Interpreter Hub is a more robust solution, designed for meetings. Timekettle calls it, “the world’s first multi-language simultaneous interpretation system” – a lofty claim, to be sure, but it’s certainly a compelling solution.
“The Timekettle X1 made delivers real-time translations in up to 40 languages, with nearly no latency and high accuracy, which I got the chance to experience myself.”
Simultaneous translations in real time with multiple participants speaking in different languages: no problem for the “Interpreter Hub X1”. COMPUTER BILD was allowed to try out Timekettle's AI gadget.