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Innovative HybridComm™ Technology Promotes Timekettle to be Top-selling brand in Translator Device industry

Innovative HybridComm™  Technology Promotes Timekettle to be Top-selling brand in Translator Device industry
Translation devices have been evolving with the ongoing technological development in the past decades, from big and clucky machines to portable devices, each contributing to the great advancement of communication and interaction in different languages. 
translation devices have been evolving by timekettle
However, many handheld translators still share the same issues in user experience, making people hesitate to engage in conversations in different languages, while sharing the device back and forth between sentences. Translation performance is heavily influenced by surrounding noises and inefficient communication systems due to technological barriers.
Our core technological advantage that makes Timekettle competitive on the market is our HybridComm™ technology ,developed with the key concept of providing cross-language translation with natural and fluent experience in its utmost form. The successful development of HybridComm™ technology allows the possibility to inspire our users to express themselves freely, naturally, and profoundly - it is our vision of the future.
NO.1 Real-Time Two-Way Translation Earpieces by Timekettle
Timekettle HybridComm™ technology consists of three technological advancements: BoostClean Speech Technology secures the sound source to be recognized only from the desired direction and distance so the product can record the user’s voices clearly in their complete form while eliminating the noise and interference affecting the conversation. In addition, the RNNVAD voice recognition algorithm automatically segments sentences to ensure they are translated logically. The TurboFast SI Technology allows the recording of sentences, translation on the cloud, and playing of the translation simultaneously so that you can speak anytime, even talk over other people in the conversation. Our UniSmart AITP has a deployment of servers across many countries and supports more than 40 languages with 93 accents worldwide, this ensures no matter where our users are, they will always get a reliable translation performance.
Since 2016, Timekettle has iteratively launched five different products, each in its unique form of communication and purpose, and served hundreds of thousands of users worldwide. Our products are widely used in travels, marriages, business meetings, and educational institutions with occasions where two or more people speaking different languages have the need to communicate.
We are driven to continue being a pioneer in the translation industry.
Timekettle translator earbuds cater to different bilingual communication scenarios
About Timekettle
Established in 2016, Timekettle is an industry-leading translation solutions provider recognized by winning numerous international awards such as CES Innovation Award, iF Design Award, and TechCrunch. As the top-selling brand in the Translator Device industry, Timekettle now serves about 300,000 users worldwide.
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