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Timekettle New Cross-Species Translator Supports Klingon and Dog&Cat Translation

Timekettle New Cross-Species Translator Supports Klingon and Dog&Cat Translation

HIT! The Timekettle team has launched cross-species language translation through its self-developed translation engine on April 1st, 2022. It is now possible to chat with aliens from the Klingon Empire, as well as with your pets via Woof or Meow.

Timekettle x Klingon Translator Earbuds
New Feature: Klingon Translation
· More Planets, Bridge The Language Gap out of The Earth

    To explore the mysteries of the universe and help you build the connection out of the earth, the Timekettle translator earbuds now offer the option of translating phrases, words, and sentences into the Star Trek language of Klingon. We welcome Klingons, or proficient in Klingon, to explore this feature. Supported English and Simplified Chinese to Klingon at the first stage. TRY HERE


    Developing a new translation system is a challenging affair. The machine translation process is like a black case game, it takes encoders and decoders to help translate one language to another. The steps can be disassembled into four parts:

    Encoders And Decoders


    1. Convert the input sentence into a vector parameter using the embedding algorithm, which includes segmentation, quantization, and other operations to meet the data format required by the Transformer framework.

    2. Use the multi-head self-attention mechanism to complete the encoding and obtain a set of attention matrix Keys and Values.


    3. Pass the obtained matrix through a multi-level decoder to obtain the target language feature vector.


    4. Pass the feature vector through the final decision layer to get the probability score of the target language.


    Finally, we bring you the Timekettle Klingon Translator. If you are a Trekkie, or if you are fluent in Klingon, the Timekettle team is looking for you. Join us in our exploration of the galaxy's fastest-growing language and help us improve the AI engine. So go make sure your Klingon is ready to bring glory to you! The Timekettle translator featuring the Klingon translations can be found online at

    Klingon Translator
    Learn Klingon!

    Sign up as a learner and start your journey to becoming a language Warrior! Learn more


    Dog & Cat Translation

    New Feature: Dog & Cat Translation
    · More Species, Care Every Improtant Family Member

    Not only humans or aliens, but your best company with each Meow or Woof. Timekettle Translator earbuds can record the sound and then attempts to identify the meaning. The technology would then translate your pet's miaow instantly, and a human voice would speak through the earbuds and also the layout on Timekettle APP. Supported both iOS and Android.

    (Demo video with a lovely cat from the team)


    About Timekettle
    Founded in 2016, Timekettle Technologies is committed to building a global brand of AI translators by integrating cutting-edge technology and innovative design through the combination of artificial intelligence and hardware technology. Since 2017, with our never-ending passion for innovation and optimization of products, we designed WT2 Plus Translator Earbuds, ZERO Translator, M2 Translator & Music Earbuds, and WT2 Edge Translator Earbuds. These products are currently marketed and sold in more than 120 countries and regions under the Timekettle brand. With our intuitive designs, we are the winner of over a dozen international design awards, such as the iF Award, Japan Japan Good Design Award, CES Innovation Award, and Red Dot Design Award. These accomplishments are recognized and reported by over 200 media worldwide.

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    Hello,my name is Perica. you can let me know the characteristics of the translator?,,I,m interested in guality ’ Thank you and goodbye.

    Martine De Munck

    Martine De Munck

    1er avril, hahaha ! moi j’ai besoin de français – espagnol



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