Welcome to Timekettle Reward Program

When you become a Timekettle Rewards member you can earn points for every dollar spent, get free shipping, exclusive access to events, sales and more.

How It Works

Score Points

Write reviews, refer friends, attend events, and more to score points. Plus, score one point for every dollar you spend.

Redeem for Rewards

Points turn into rewards that you can redeem for discounts on your orders.

Save Up

Big moves pay off. Save your points for a rainy day and redeem them for something big.

Unlock Perks

The more you shop, the more exclusive perks you unlock. Spend and shop at Timekettle to level up and jump tiers.

Ways to Earn Points
Points are available to redeem at checkout.
Make a Purchase
+1 point for every $1 spent
Follow TK on Instagram
+10 Points
Share TK on Facebook
+10 Points
Follow OV on TikTok
+10 Points
Subsribe TK YouTube
+10 Points
Write a Review
+20 Points
Write a Review with Photo
+30 Points
Subscribe to Newsletter
+10 Points
Attend an OV Event
+50 Points
Celebrate a birthday
+30 Points


$15 OFF

300 Points

$40 OFF

500 Points

$100 OFF

1000 Points