Offline Language Digital Card-30 Fishes
Offline Digital Timekettle Fish Card
Offline Language Digital Card-30 Fishes
Offline Digital Timekettle Fish Card

Offline Language Digital Card-30 Fishes

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Q: What is Fish Card?

A: Timekettle Fish Card is a virtual digital card used to top up your Timekettle account for downloading offline language packages. 

Q: How many offline languages can Fish card to redeem in Timekettle App?

A: 8 most popular languages around the globe with 13 packs, that's, Chinese⇄English, Chinese⇄French, Chinese⇄Germany, Chinese⇄Spanish, Chinese⇄Japanese, Chinese⇄Korean, Chinese⇄Russian, English⇄French, English⇄Germany, English⇄Spanish, English⇄Japanese, English⇄Korean, English⇄Russian.

Q: How many fish coins can redeem a bundle of offline language?

A: 5 Fish can redeem a bundle of offline language.

Q: Can the Timekettle Fish card apply all the Timekettle product series?

A: Yes, the Timekettle Fish card can apply to all the Timekettle products series.

Q: If I redeem one bundle of offline language for M2, for example, English-Japanese, can I also use the offline English-Japanese bundle for another product like WT2 Edge?

A: Offline translation bundle only works for one product, it can't be used again for another product. When you redeem the offline translation, please select the correct product you're choosing.

Q: Can I return the Fish card after purchasing it?

A: Sorry, Fish card is a virtual digital product, once it's released, it can't be revoked, Therefore, it can't be returned.

Q: How can I get the fish card after purchasing?

A: The fish card is a virtual product, we will send you an email with the product PIN CODE then you can log in your Timekettle account to top up and redeem the offline translation you need to use.

 Q: Why it's called fish card?

A: Timekettle translator earbuds are just like the Babel Fish in the movie The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, which is an alien creature that helps you understand the languages of others by putting it in your ears. We put the Fish icon to the Timekettle Offline Language resources system and pass the Don't panic spirit to our backers when it comes to the multilingual conversation.

Q: How to use fish card to redeem the offline language translation bundle?

1. Check your email and confirm your offline translation PIN  Code.

2. Log in to Timekettle APP and click on My Account.

3. Select Redeem Fish Cards, enter the PIN, and redeem the Timekettle Fishes.

4. Activate the offline resources at Timekettle Store with the Timekettle Fishes.


· Card can be redeemed only for the offline language resources, and cannot be redeemed for cash or credit.

· Card is not for resale, and will not be replaced if lost or stolen.

· Valid only on Timekettle Store. Requires Timekettle account. No expiration date.

· Non-refundable once scratch the security seal.

· For inquiries, please email us at


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