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Fantasy from Babel Fish becomes reality

I love this product it helps me out big time with my job and supervision of my world language department.
Just try speak and listen mode.Got current translation over 90%.Ordered it for my mother-in-law who doesn’t speak English and wants to came here for vacation.
I have been traveling to the Catalonian area of Spain for several years. After purchasing Timekettle WT2 Edge I am now able to attend community presentations and plays offered in Catalan. It is great! Thank you.
Moving to Ecuador and needed an easy way to communicate with my fiancé until I master the Spanish language. The Timekettle WT2 provide exactly what I need.

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very good product 5 star

WT2 Edge -W3 accessories

Very nice quality case and ear hooks
Ear hooks could be made out of a little more pliable
Material though still very good and heavy duty
Price for the kit was also reasonable
Very satisfied


Hvala za odličan proizvod.

Timekettle WT2 Edge/W3 Real-time Translator Earbuds

So far they seem to be functioning as advertised. For face-to-face conversations they are just what I was looking for. For listening to a speaker, it seems they can't keep up with rapid speech and there are gaps in the translation.

X1 AI Interpreter Hub

I am very satisfied and I look forward to its development and I believe that it will be much better as updates come, thank you

X1 AI Interpreter Hub
Marco Bellazzi (Toronto, CA)
Love it

I would love it even more if there was Farsi available too


Time TimeKettle T1 can translate Tagalog fairly well. The area I’m in speaks Pampanga which is similar to Tagalog. It’s doesn’t translate Pampanga so it’s not what I really need. The T1 translates other languages very well with a high degree of accuracy.

Fluentalk T1 Mini Handheld Translator Device
John Wasiewicz (Park Ridge, US)
A Useful Tool

I didn’t give you 5 stars because one, the volume at high is too low. Two, the camera photo didn’t translate text very well. Otherwise I like it a lot


Brief instruction on operation

Timekettle ZERO Language Translator Device
Seven Stars Driver Services PS2220 Sanche (Santo Domingo, DO)
Súper agradecido

Tremendo equipo, todo lo que pesaba que era.

Fluentalk T1 Mini Handheld Translator Device

It takes too long to translate the language, Google Translate seems much faster. I am in Bangkok, but the internet in the area makes difficult to get a good connection, should I be on wireless or the data connection. But so far if you talk at a slower speed, it is very accurate. I have a student who is learning English, so I will see what he says about it.

Fluentalk T1 Handheld Translator Device
Nikolai Nilsen (Bodø, NO)

Har bare testet den, men så langt ser alt perfekt ut

Does what its suppose to do

Does what its suppose to do

Timekettle WT2 Edge/W3 Real-time Translator Earbuds

Lacks detailed instructions

The instructions are not detailed on managing the functions. After you figure them out they work fairly well. If the earbuds were designed to fit in the ear easier that would be much better.

I love these!

The wt2 edge let's me have a simultaneous conversation with my mother-in-law who doesn't speak any English and I don't know any Spanish. After 25 years of not being able to have a conversation with her without someone translating is wonderful! I now can visit her by myself. Thank you for making this product!

Fluentalk T1 Mini Handheld Translator Device
Gary Kamer (New Westminster, CA)
Works as Advertised!

I received excellent service and price ordering directly with Timekettle. The product is easy to use and works perfectly. I now consider it essential for travel. I highly recommend this product!

Works Well

I had an issue at first with setup, but tech support was great and quickly helped me figure out what I did wrong... I did not select which timekettle model first, before trying to pair with mobile device. So far, no other complaints... works well.

Good product, ok translator

The translation is not perfect but it is nice, certainly faster than most. Due to microphone use it is a bit spotty at times. Shipping was average, but the item was well packed. The charge is nice and fits comfortably. The app is actually very useful, and you can download it without even having the earbuds ordered yet. I might not buy another pair, but I'm not unhappy with my current purchase.

Timekettle M3 Language Translator Earbuds
Paul Traynor (Saint Albans, AU)

Fantastic product. Excellent service and very quick delivery. Could not be happier. Tres Bien.

Timekettle M3 Language Translator Earbuds
Frost Foxglove (Pleasant Hill, US)

The product is great! Everything I've been dreaming about since The Hitchhikers Guide to The Galaxy! I wish I could wear the earbuds as they cause much discomfort.

Timekettle ZERO Language Translator Device
Lynda Freund (Salmon Arm, CA)
Seems food

I haven’t had a chance to try it properly yet but it seems very good so far.

Works well

For the ost part I am very impressed with this device. It is much faster than the other type of translator I had previously. Translation also works well. the one problem I have had is with 2 way communication, it does not seem to pick up the other language very well? Hopefully will figure it out soon.

Doug Fuller

Much better than expected

Having read a lot of reviews on amazon I was sceptical if this would be worth the money. It really was. My Czech sister in law rambled out a whole paragraph full speed in czech and it made almost no mistakes in the translation to English and visa versa. Very impressed...we all were

Great device not a 100%translation but gets the job done I will look forward for an update in software or new device if you launch ..