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The only translator that you need

When you travel abroad, you have no choice but to talk with the locals for your basic needs and if you have a language barrier with the country you are in, it would be extremely difficult for you.

Workable tech solutions include using a translator app in your phone or if you have money to burn, get those highly inaccurate handheld translators to help you explore around. I was embarrassed when I tried to impress our tour guide in Seoul, Korea using a handheld translator. It gave a really bad translation that the tour guide was shocked and then laughed when she realized that the voice came from a handheld translator. Translator apps are okay if you only need to translate words, but if you need to explain something to the locals, the results could be confusing. When on business trips there is a need to talk to more than one person simultaneously, making the phone translator app or a handheld translator useless.

The problem with apps and handheld translators is that they are only focused on the translation itself. Handheld translators need to be passed back & forth, you have to press buttons and you need to hold the device close to the speakers mouth that it's not practical when you need to use it for a long time and with the risk of the Covid-19 pandemic, this is dangerous and should be avoided. Phone apps for both Android and iOS have the same problems. Also, it does not have the capability to translate and transcribe making it unusable in long conversations that need to be translated.

Zero is the answer. With a light metal body, size of 4cm x 1.5cm x 7mm and inserted into a case just almost the size of a business card I could not even feel that it's there. It can be easily stored in your bag, wallet or even inside your shirt pocket without any hassle.

Installation is fast, the app is available from Google Play Store and Huawei App Gallery. Just insert the device in your phone, click the app and you now have the most accurate and most powerful translator in your hands.

The Zero translator so far is the best translator that I tried. What I'm impressed about the Zero translator is the feature where it could store all the conversations on the phone and the option to either save it for future use or to send the logs of the conversations via email.

Innovative, useful and easy to use!

What a fantastic idea! This product is very easy to set up and use once you downloaded the app and updated the software. The three different modes are great for different noise level situations. The device picks up your voice easily and records your sentences in the original language accurately. The translations are slightly off in terms of sentence structure, but the translated message is still easy to understand even with these small errors. And it takes merely a second for it to translate to the next persons earpiece or to the speaker. The ear piece fits and stays when standing and speaking, but I suspect it might not stay in well if I was making a lot of movement. Have not tried walking quickly or with rough terrain with the device in ear. They do have different ear attachments that might help it fit more snuggly. Have not had the chance to use them yet. Overall, this is an excellent product that helps you communicate easily. Particularly for travel to a place where you have not had the chance to learn much of the language yet or you are only staying for a short while.

Well made and fun to use

I have bought a few different translators recently for my parents. They will be coming to stay with us next month. And the idea of ear bug translator seems convenient and practical. I received it a few weeks ago but for some reason Amazon still shows the shipment as on the way. After opened the box and saw them I have to say the craftsmanship is very good.
Setup is easy. I do have to use their app for everything and cell phone with latest operating system as well as Bluetooth is also required. To connect them to the cellphone for the first time, the ear bugs have to be out of the charging case. I didn’t so it took a while for me to figure out. Once connected everything is easy from there on.
There are three modes to choose from: Simul, touch and speaker. With the first two modes both ear bugs have to be used for talking and translation. Speaker mode is a great feature since you don’t have to ask somebody to use the other ear bug every time and honestly I feel uncomfortable to let a stranger use something like that. Also either one of the ear bugs can be used at speaker mode.
Both charging cases can be used for either one of the ear bugs so it works even if I switch them.
Translation is quick and accurate so far. I’ve tried English, Mandarin, and Cantonese, for most of the everyday conversations it can recognize quite accurately. Plus the verb. to text is helpful for checking accuracy if needed.
To summarize, this device is great for one to one conversation or conference. For travelling I would prefer speaker mode. I wish it had offline feature so we can still use it where there is no WiFi or cell phone. But overall I like them.

Awesome translating earbuds!

Arrived super quick, very easy set up and pairing to my phone. The app works great, I tried all the modes with my spouse who speaks Spanish so we could test the accuracy, she mentioned it translates very accurate from English to Spanish and it also did for me. The only tricky part is remembering to talk louder for people who are soft spoken naturally for the earbuds to pick it up easily.

Can't wait to try this next time we visit my spouse's family in Mexico to see how they do! Great invention!

Amazing creation

This is an amazing device! I found it very easy to set up. Only problem is that they were not charged enough to connect and work right out of the box so I thought I was doing something wrong, but, once fully charged they worked like a charm. I work in a job where I interact with various Spanish-speaking people. This set-up will come in very handy to be able to communicate with them. I work and live in an area with many non-English speaking people and I am sure to recommend this device to them.

They're great!!

Traveling abroad in spring 2020 and I got these to help me out quite a bit since I can't learn so many different languages so fast and I'm super excited! They come with 3 different size for the silicone pieces that go over the buds and they are SUPER comfy. Have already tried these at work with Spanish and it works perfect and the customer was so delighted! Can't wait to use other languages later, these are PERFECT!

Great translator

I am learning English in an English school now. This helps me a lot. I take it to school every day,Many words you don't understand can be learned with it, if you also plan to learn another language, I highly recommend this translation machine

like it!

The function of this wt2 really surprised me! It is fast and accurate, and I am very satisfied with these two points. I have tried French and Korean friends. They all say that it is too smart ^_^! I am using it when I am going abroad for a trip. It seems that it is fully qualified for this job! I bought a translator before, wt2 has easily replaced it ^_^! I also like this wt2 charging method, it is very durable! And it's very simple to operate, in short, like it!

A company that stands behind their product

I had to watch the YouTube video to tell me what I was doing wrong. Basically the pairing process is in the app and not the phone settings. Once that was done it was off to the races. Works extremely well. I've read so many device reviews and ratings till I was sick. I just had a feeling this one was going to be good. My girlfriend is Chinese and we "talk" normal and the translation is spot on. A lot better than a phone app translator. My girlfriend was using that and it was time consuming waiting on it to translate and sometimes not good at all. I had to use the over the ear clip but it feels like nothing was there. The whole earpiece is extremely comfortable making the experience very gratifying.
UPDATE: After about 2 weeks the translater app started freezing. Re-installed the app, same problem. After 30 minutes of wearing the ear buds, both our ears were getting sore. Never fit good for either of us. Kept falling out. I had high hopes for this. Returned for refund.
UPDATE: I was contacted from the company and even though mine was a rare incident, they have done their duty to correct it. It is nice to know a company sticks behind their product. Since they have contacted me and offered a good explaination along with their intentions to eliminate the problem, I feel it is worth giving five stars instead of two. They really are doing their homework and got the bugs worked out. Probably going to buy another one and give it a 5 star review!

Really useful and cool

I was a bit sceptical when I ordered the WT2 Translator but I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. Packaging was great and the product is well designed. Start up instructions could use a little help but the YouTube video solved that pretty quickly. I tested it with several languages with colleagues and their jaws dropped when we communicated in German and Hebrew. I'm going to use it for a trip to Portugal next and look forward to making great use of the WT2s especially when I go to France.

Timekettle M2 Language Voice Translator - 40 Languages & 93 Accents, 6 Languages Offline Translator with Bluetooth & APP, True Wireless Earbuds for Music and Calls Fit iOS & Android

Very Very Good, I was blown away!

I was very shocked at the quality of the translations
I could not fault French Spanish and Chinese.

As described

The recipent is still reviewing product

Never received the order?


I'm using wt2 cause I'm learning japanese and I want to train and get better at pronunciation.

I am still waiting.

I would love to try these and write a review, but i have not received them yet. Please let me know when they will arrive. Thank you ..Marc

Translator Received

Unfortunately I ordered the C model. I tried to ask which one I was suppose to order and didn't receive an answer. How can I return the C model and get the lightening model?

Haven't recieved it yet

This query for a review is a little premature.


Non posso recensire in quanto non ho ancora ricevuto nulla

This is amazing!!!

As soon as I took them out of the box and got them charged I had to try them out. Amazing technology!!! Thank you!!!