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In view of the gradual application of intelligent translation technology and hardware in more industries and fields, it has become a technology fashion. Timekettle Corporate Purchase/Customize services are designed to provide a diverse range of procurement solutions for corporate clients and organizations in a variety of industries and needs - Employee benefits, business gifts, and marketing promotions, in an efficient, simple, and affordable way. 
Timekttle will constantly innovate in both software and hardware, as well as services, we value your success in business.
1. What countries are the Timekettle Corporate Purchase program available in?
Currently, Timekettle Corporate Purchase program supports Mainland China/Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macao, Singapore, Japan, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe.
2. What corporate information is required for the audit?
To apply Corporate Purchase program, you need to provide basic contact info, company info, intention and time of use of products, and other specifications. Once application is received, our VIP account manager will contact to follow up.
3. Do Timekettle coupons issued have expiration dates or other limitations?
Coupons remain effective within 15 days of issuance. One coupon may be used twice at its maximum, each order is limited to one coupon.
4. How was use the coupons and what are its limitations?
Coupon codes are bound to the email address used for verification and can only be used by said email address in Timekettle Online Store.
5. How do I apply for additional coupons if they have expired or been issued?
Please fill out the application form again.
6. Can Timekettle coupons be used to purchase any Timekettle products?
Coupons can be used to purchase any Timekettle product from Timkettle Online Store (excluding newly launched or low stock products).
7. Will I receive an invoice?
Yes. If you need VAT invoice, please check “No Invoice” when you submit the order. Once the order is placed, please include your order number and invoice information in Word and Sealed PDF, send to [email protected] Invoice information includes, but not limited to header, tax number, opening bank, bank account, company address, contact person, contact information, etc. The invoice amount will be the actual payment amount of the customer (excluding any form of coupon).
8. What after-sales services are available to corporate customers?
Corporate customers have the same after-sales service standard as any of our regular customers.
9. What payment methods does Corporate Purchase program support?
We currently support Paypal and Alipay.
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