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Peel - Share - Start Speaking, perfectly simply!

We believe the ultimate goal for translation products is to forget its very existence.

World’s first AI-powered translator that delivers natural communication experience by integrating unique sets of advanced AI technology.


Introduce Yourself to The World

Leading technology
Dual embeded micro.
Up to 20 languages
8hr. Max. battery life
95% accuracy certified
Re-connect within 3 sec.

Instant activation - ready to use anytime

WT2 Plus integrates an unique signal processing technology that is essentially different from other competitors on the market. No need to pass the phone, or other people to download a new App. All they need to do - wear the earphone.

Intelligent algorithm ON-THE-GO

Industry-leading algorithm enables communication even in the most complex environment. With Auto Voice Detection and Pick Up, WT2 provides absolute hands-free communication in different languages. We encourage people to communicate, regardless of language barriers.

Dual noise reducers - every word counts!

Adaptive Beamforming Algorithm and Adaptive noise cancellation based on neural network empower up to 95% translation accuracy.

*Tested and verified in ideal environments for reference only.

Neural Network Noise Cancellation Technology

1st Layer of Noise Cancallation
2nd Layer of Noise Cancellation
3rd Layer of Noise Cancellation

Multi-language support with globalization.

WT2 Plus currently supports 20 languages and 7 dialects, with global network deployments optimizing performance around the globe. More languages and services will be upgraded in the future.
Language Translations
Translating Combinations

Long battery life - longer than you need!

WT2 Plus provides up to 5 hours of battery life on one charge, more than 12 hours of battery life with the charging case, and an approximate 30 days stand-by time.
Up to
of battery life
on one charge
More than
of battery life with
charging case
Up to
standby time

Be amazed with WT2 Plus!

The interaction modes embedded within WT2 Plus fulfills every dream-come-true. Showcases are all provided by our users, only WT2 Plus provides such unique and flawless communication experience.

One-time purchase!

By using OTA (Over-The-Air) technology, WT2 Plus supports online upgrades that takes only 3 minutes for both software and hardware. There is no end to innovation, we will continue to provide the best technology and experience to our users.

Designed for sharing!

WT2 Plus’s design origins from the idea of “sharing”. Whether we are travelling aboard for pleasure, business, or simply daily life, when it comes to the desire to start a communication with foreigners, “share”is always the best and easiest way to start.

From 2,200 years ago, the Rosetta Stone, to modern filmography such as “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”and the“Star Trek”series, our imagination for translator has never stopped, this led to the design and creation of WT2 Plus. We believe that the communication and relationship between people is the eternal theme behind this.

Timekettle Team
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