Marking another milestone with new report from TechCrunch (second time)

2018.10.18      Coverage

We are honored to be reported (for a 2nd time) by TechCrunch Hardware Editor, Brian Heater.

It was a meaning experience to demonstrate WT2 Plus to our close friend in Tech media, TechCrunch.

Find below some of the quotes!

"It’s a clever take on wearable translators like the lukewarmly received Google Pixel Buds. The idea is to

create a translation product that allows wearers to actively engage one another through eye contact and

body language — which remain important insight even when you don’t share a language."

"Overall, I was pretty impressed with the experience. The translation isn’t perfect, as evidenced by the

above transcript from my conversation with the company’s CEO. But given the ambient noise, a somewhat

spotty cellular connection and the fact that my conversation partner insisted on walking around, WT2

performed admirably."

Click this link to find out more!

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