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Works great!

I personally like this translation headset, and the translation is very accurate very quickly. I am very happy to recommend it to people who want to learn the language and travel. very useful. I really like this value.

Works Great!

Traveling abroad in spring 2020 and I got these to help me out quite a bit since I can't learn so many different languages so fast and I'm super excited! They come with 3 different size for the silicone pieces that go over the buds and they are SUPER comfy. Have already tried these at work with Spanish and it works perfect and the customer was so delighted! Can't wait to use other languages later, these are PERFECT!

AMAZING - Helps my daughter correct her Chinese accent in real-time

I purchased 2 pair of these M2 directly from the vendor (ORDER #1358) on 30 Nov 2020. My daughter has one pair and I have the other - Merry Christmas. My daughter has been using Google Translate to learn Chinese. The M2 is refining her Chinese accent and pronunciation in real-time. She loves them. She speaks Chinese into them then hears the English translation. It is like having a personal tutor at her disposal to refine her Chinese language skills.

Received and worked as expected

Tested for 30 minutes English - Spanish and all modes are working as expected. Let's use more time and other languages for better review


I moved to Mexico from the United States and realized at 44 yrs old that I don't want to learn a new language it's hard to find the time so I got this beauty and can speak my own language they speak there language problem solved great for the ladies too ooh la la!


I travel to South America for work and I do not speak Spanish or Portuguese. I purchased the WT2 headphones in order to communicate with customers and vendors during meetings. I have not had the opportunity to use them in the M2 yet, but I have been able to test them with my girlfriend in Brazil for accuracy and I am impressed!

Easy set up/easy to use

Recently went on a multi country trip to Europe. This device came in super handy to get pronunciation of phrases to communicate when English was not widely recognized or difficult to convey.

Note: Only used the individual translation for the trip. But plan on using the translator as a supplement for learning additional languages later.

Setup of the device was fairly simple and straightforward. Even skipping the directions and just messing with the app, I was able to figure out how the communication worked.

High translating accuracy with impressive translating speed.

I was a bit skeptical to be honest with you at first. I have used different translation devices over the years and it seems that they all have had problems translating accurately and also doing it in a timely manner.
As I opened the package, I was first impressed by the quality of the product along with the packaging. I felt like I was getting something high quality before I even used it.
After opening the box, I was able to start using the earbuds with 3-4 minutes and I have to say that I am incredibly impressed by the conformity of the buds, translating accuracy and speed of translation.
I would highly recommend this product to anyone needing a great translation device!!


It was a little difficult with Mandarin Chinese but it probably would work good on every other language without any problem

Most accurate translation

I was amazed as to how accurate the translation was. I tested it in two languages German and Italian.

Amazing creation

This is an amazing device! I found it very easy to set up. Only problem is that they were not charged enough to connect and work right out of the box so I thought I was doing something wrong, but, once fully charged they worked like a charm. I work in a job where I interact with various Spanish-speaking people. This set-up will come in very handy to be able to communicate with them. I work and live in an area with many non-English speaking people and I am sure to recommend this device to them.

Great translator

I have been using this product the day it arrives and i am pretty amazed..:-) this is a must for travelers with different language.. thumbs up for this great product.

Works 100%

Awesome product! I would give it 6 stars if I could. Works as stated. The only caveat is that I couldn't get my Ukrainian (Russian Speaking) fiance to wear it. She preferred an actual human translator. I wanted to use the headphones because translators are not cheap!! Oh well! I have to keep peace or there won't be a wedding?! A highly recommended product!!

Great Quality

These language translator ear buds are very user friendly. They do a tremendous job translating in real time and work very well in one on one conversations.

Extremely easy and accurate

he only understand very little English. But he likes to travel .My friend told me I could buy this product for him

It translates very fast

I used this product with my german coworkers during my sales meeting last week. We had a lot of fun testing the product out, and we were able to have conversations in each native language. While the translations were mostly accurate, there were some translated words that were funky. However, it did not detract from the overall meaning of the sentence. The standard earbuds do not fit in my ear, I have yet to try the other supplied earbud sizes.

Great translator, I will be bringing this to russia next time we visit her family.

I actually put one in each year and spoken the language that I speak in and put it into Translate for French and it was so amazing I super Duper happy that I bought these

Many Languages

I am from the USA and speak English. I am traveling for work to France and will be at a trade show. I wanted to make sure I could understand many languages at the show. I also will be taking a vacation around Europe when I am done and feel that having this device will be nice to use ordering food, asking for directions, and shopping. Normally I would try and learn the language myself but I will be required to know so many. Especially at the trade show with people from around the world. I am most excited that it will translate German, French, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, Greek, and Polish. The charging case takes 90 min to fully charge and has a USB plug so it can be charged in a wall outlet or computer. The battery lasts 5 hours and the charging case fuels extra 3 times battery. This allows you to use it all day and have no fear you will run out. This device pairs with an app called M2 and works with Androids 7.0 or iOS 11.0 and above with 4.2 Bluetooth and above. It has a 6 month free repair service. They give you their email, phone number, and all sorts of ways to contact them for help which is nice. Set up was super intuitive and easy. Cant wait to test them out in Europe. This product takes the fear out of traveling to another country where you don't know the language. Especially in an emergency situation where you might need a hospital or need to talk to the police. It is just nice not to have a language barrier. I like the ear bud design as it is more discrete and less disruptive to people around you when you are talking. Also helps you hear better in a crowd. I think this is going to be a huge help and worth the expensive cost.

Works as promised but Internet needed to work

Everything seems to work as promised and I tested it in English, German and Korean. I can see this being useful on the road and during travel. However, it seems that it is heavily reliant on the internet, so if you are in areas where the connection is not good, this device seems to be practically useless. However, whenever there is a connection, there is not much to complain about. The only other issue is that the other party needs to use this device as well, which could be a problem.

Great translations

This is a product that's great for translation. I could have a full on conversation with someone and the translations are pretty accurate. I like the mobility in the product and the flexibility of the device. It has a great fit into the ear and it is great for translations or talking to someone who speaks a different language.

Very easy and useful translator

To be honest I always heard of translator ear buds but never really looked into them. I received them as a gift because everyone knows how much I love to travel. These have come in handy on many occasions . It's worth the extra money to get a higher quality product then some of the other translator's out there . Great gift and product :)